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Seth Kniep
Dec 28, 2017
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One of my clients (a truy badass seller) used to work at Lowe's. He told me that Lowe's taught everyone the same motto, “Sell them the complete job.” At Lowe's, they don’t want to sell someone a faucet and send them home only for them to realize they don’t have the caulking they need to seal the edges. Lowe's wants to sell you the complete job: everything you need to see a project through from beginning to end.

How does this apply to selling on Amazon? Completeness is more powerful than you might think.

How do you Bundle?

As some of you might know, I gave up coffee, and I haven’t had a single drop since giving it up. Sometimes, I watch my wife drink her coffee with a smile on her face, but that’s the closest I come. Now, I drink tea. It’s just the right amount of caffeine, it tastes good, and it adds an element of routine to the time I spend working at my computer.

If I sell tea bags on Amazon, it’s like I’m selling the Lowe's customer a faucet without the caulking. I haven’t sold the complete job; the customer doesn’t have the entire experience. To enjoy a cup of tea, you need not only the tea itself, but also a teacup, and a mixing spoon, and maybe even a teabag holder.

What if I'm selling an alarm clock? The complete job might not be as obvious – but what about adding a sleeping mask, or including white noise options with the alarm clock for relaxation?

Don’t fall into the trap of just selling products on Amazon to make money. Sell experiences to satisfy customers. This can be achieved with the power of bundling.

When you bundle, you don’t just buy one product and sell one product. You buy products A, B, and C, sell each product individually – and then you sell products together in different combinations. Sell A and B together, or A and C together. Sell A, B, and C together as a complete set. After some simple math, that’s seven unique listings out of just three items.

The power of bundling is incredible. If you’re just starting out on Amazon, work with a category you’re familiar with. If you’re an avid tea drinker, you’ll know off the top of your head what items should be bundled with teabags to complete the experience.

Bundling Brings Endless Possibilities

Here’s another example: if you’re selling a carrot slicer, you can also sell a carrot grater, and a carrot peeler. Now, you have three unique items to bundle in various ways.

Not only does this generate extra listings, but it also allows you to do split testing. You can bundle your carrot slicer with your carrot grater and bundle the slicer separately with your carrot peeler. Then, you can go into Business Reports in Seller Central and compare the sales. Which bundle is selling? Which bundle gives people the experience they’re looking for?

Another option: sell an instructional booklet with each of your carrot-cutting items, and throw in a cleaning kit, too! That’s one of the reasons bundling is awesome; the possibilities are endless.

What if someone replicates your bundle and starts selling the same thing you’re selling? Just change the accessories. Switch out a few items in your bundle, and you’re good to go.

Another beauty of bundling is that you can change your listing over time. Every time you add an item or accessory to a bundle, you put a buzzword like “Revamped” or “Upgraded” in the title to grab your customer’s attention.

This is the mindset you want when you’re starting out on Amazon. Don’t just sell a product; sell an experience. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Your customer wants a product that will catch their eye, fulfill their need, and provide them with a memorable experience that will keep them coming back to buy again and again.

One more tip: when bundling, make sure the accessory items are smaller, lighter, and cheaper. You do not want to confuse your customer. If your original product was a coffee mug but you are now selling coffee beans along with the mug to "complete the experience," your customers might think you are selling coffee beans with the coffee mug as an accessory and now your keyword setup is going to be backwards. Complete the experience, but do it with items that are smaller, lighter, and cheaper.


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