How to create sales funnels on Facebook

Three easy steps to growing your customer base through Facebook
Seth Kniep
Apr 26, 2018
Sales funnels are a simple but powerful concept. You’ve probably heard of sales funnels, click funnels, and lead magnet funnels before. We live in a funnel world. But for a long time, even before the internet existed, sales funnels have helped guide people toward their purchasing decisions.

What’s a sales funnel?

Imagine you’re driving down the road and you see a billboard that says, “Make your life amazing. Go to this beach,” with the American Express logo attached. Now, you start to associate that credit card with the beach, with fun, even if it’s only subconsciously. But you probably won’t buy that day.

When you get home, you see American Express again, on a TV ad. Then, the next day at work, another ad pops up on your computer. Every time you see it, your chances of buying increase. These ads are slowly funneling you toward a purchase.

Facebook is one of the best platforms for advertising, because the sheer number of daily users means your ad can’t be missed. There are three steps to building a successful sales funnel on Facebook:

#1: Post irresistible content.

Your content doesn’t have to be just a standard picture. You could post some witty text, or a funny gif, or a short video. Be creative. One of the things I love about marketing is the opportunity to use your creativity to make people say, “Wow!” Post something to get people’s attention.

#2: Offer value in exchange for information.

Offering an incentive in exchange for your customer’s information is called a lead magnet. Once you get their attention with some irresistible content, pull them in with something of value to them. For example, “Click here to learn three secrets to de-stressing your crazy, hectic life.” Who wouldn’t want that? Everyone has a crazy life. Everyone wants to know how to de-stress.

But what makes this a lead magnet? When a person clicks, they’ll first be presented with a box where they’ll have to give some sort of information, usually their name and email address, before they can view the content. You’ve provided them with valuable content, and in exchange, you have their contact information.

Remember: don’t abuse people’s information. Don’t spam anyone’s inbox. You want to provide value and build a relationship with your customer, not drive them away with incessant emails. If they’re the right client for you, that’s fine; if they’re not, that’s fine, too.

#3: Engage and build trust.

After someone downloads whatever high-value content you’ve provided in exchange for their information, you should automatically direct them to some sort of landing page or group. You could say, “Hey, engage with our community!” or “Get the rest of the secrets here.” They’ll click and be directed to a Facebook page to join, and every day you can continue to provide them with valuable content. As they comment, respond, and engage, you’ll get to know them. As a result, you’ll build a relationship with your customer.

Sales funnels are a standard, vital tool for successful marketing, and creating a sales funnel on Facebook couldn’t be easier. Post irresistible content, collect information, and build trust, and you’ll start growing your customer base in no time.


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