How to become unstoppable

The secret to becoming an unstoppable beast at everything you do
Seth Kniep
Jul 22, 2017
Last night my son and I were pumping out chin-ups at the gym. This thought hit me: Everything we do on the outside is a reflection of what's going on inside. So we tested our theory.

We started naming every possible activity humans do. They eat. They cry. They sleep. They play. They work. They laugh. They make funny sounds. We couldn't find a single instance where this theory was not true at some level.

But if a scorpion is coming after me, tail raised to attack—isn't my reaction to run the result of something happening outside of me?

Not completely. My perception (inside) of the potential that tail will change how I feel today is very motivating!

This principle is pregnant with power. Let me explain. 

I'm about to source three new products for one of my Amazon stores. My business parter and I applied for a trademark. We expected the application process to be simple and quick. Not at all. We had to go back and forth five times before the photos we sent in were approved for the trademark application. That took three and a half weeks.

On the inside, I felt frustrated. This shouldn't be taking so long. I could let that frustration change my perspective. I could let it spoil my attitude, become an excuse for giving up or blaming the trademark industry for our slow progress.

Or I could view the situation as a tool to turn me into an unstoppable entrepreneur. How does that work? I am growing in endurance. Patience. Setting realistic expectations. The character being built on the inside can become a powerful weapon of success on the outside. In fact, your business will only grow as much as you grow. The relationship is very connected.

When I choose to let pain transform me instead of transferring that pain to others (like blaming the trademark industry), I feel purpose and find myself incredibly motivated about living.

Are you overwhelmed with everything you need to do today? That negative feeling can become a motivator for becoming an incredibly organized person.

Are you feeling a lack of energy this weekend? That drowsiness can be deep incentive to start exercising or eating better to build your energy.

Are you feeling crushed by family members telling you you'll never make it? Those words of discouragement can be motivators for you to speak truth to your heart and push forward in spite of the resistance.

Resistance—whatever the form may be—hurts. And yet it can turn you into a stronger person. That's one reason I love working out. Resistance to my muscles makes my muscles grow stronger.

Here is a video of me trying to break my 22 chin-up record...

Resistance to your goals will force you to flex your entrepreneurial muscles. And when you flex a muscle, it gets stronger.

Imagine a world where you view every form of resistance as a motivator to make you stronger on the inside. You would become an unstoppable beast of an entrepreneur.

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