How this mom did $18,387 in 30 days on Amazon!

She went from underappreciated at work to overacheiving on Amazon. Here's how!
Seth Kniep
Feb 22, 2019
Just One Dime member turned massive success, turned coach, Emily Davcev, grew up in an atmosphere of IT and invention. After graduating with a background in business and entrepreneurship, she wound up in a respectable consulting firm position.
And she was miserable.

The issue wasn’t just the severely limited income, or upper management never giving Emily her dues (that sounds familiar). What drained her spirit most was helping her clients build their dreams while hers couldn’t even reach the blueprint stage.

Is this soul-sucking position really worth all the angst?

When she decided it wasn't, her family included a new baby, new puppy, and new major commitments; so the “smart” thing to do was keeping a low profile, and waiting for junior to enter school before starting anything new.

But the best time to get started is always now.

Emily’s ‘now’ was January of 2018.

Hearing an ad for another coaching service lit the ecommerce spark inside of her, and after shopping around, she found Just One Dime.

It wasn’t love at first sight though.

Emily clicked away from us and did things by herself for months with minimal returns. She had her husband by her side, and her own inner fire, but it wasn’t enough.

“I had no idea what I was doing...the biggest misconception is the thought that everyone can do this.”
I have a family to take care of. I have futures to build.

Emily finally connected with a Just One Dime coach in May, who helped  optimize her listings. The coach’s reliable, hands-on approach and the massive uptick in sales were all the proof she needed to join our warriors in July of the same year!

Now she’s riding high with 43% margins on her listings, and in November of 2018, she enjoyed a personal record of $7,906.41 in pure profit from only one product.

How did she do it?


Emily niched down hard on the product she chose, and scoured the earth for the only supplier that could produce it.

She leveraged all this insanely hard work by staging the differentiators in her thumbnails and product name. Customers immediately see what sets her product apart without even clicking on the listing!

“This is a BUSINESS, I’m building a brand. It’s more than just dropshipping stuff from China.”

Following through with product inserts and customer service that inspire trust bolsters her reputation. Even through bad reviews and returns, she’s at a 100% seller rating. That’s the reflection of her commitment!

“Paying attention [to customer needs] costs time and money. But it pays you back, over and over again.”
Notice what you’re not reading? So-called “competitive” pricing.

Of all her competitors, Emily’s product is the highest priced. And why not? High quality components aren’t cheap.

Why isn’t this an obstacle to sales domination?

Because she put in the work.

“If you don’t plan on being a student for the rest of your life, you’re not going to succeed.”

Her listing has the third highest number of reviews amongst her competitors, with the top two beating her at 2,500 and 1,000. The kicker? All of her opposition has been in business for years.

With results these solid, she’ll be flying past them like a cheetah in a snail race.

So after all this work, she’s kicking back, right? Wrong. Emily said it best herself:

“You never 'arrive.'"

That doesn’t mean you’re not going to meet goals, or ever celebrate anything. Being your own boss isn’t about turning into a joyless number cruncher.

You’re just never going to find yourself done if you’re in the correct entrepreneur mindset.

Without real passion, being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and sacrificing the security of a 9-5 is just a phase.

“If you’re in it for the money’s not gonna work. One little hiccup and you’re DONE.”

If you looked at this blog’s title and started drooling at that revenue, this isn’t the world for you. But if you read it thinking ‘What did she learn to get to that point?’

Welcome aboard.

Want to ask Emily about her journey in person?

You can!

Emily’s joining me, my coaches, and real Amazon executives onstage in Los Angeles for Ecom 2019 To show you how to build an ecommerce business that generates cash and grows month over month!

Come make a dent in the universe with us!

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