The mindset that helped me make over a million dollars after leaving my job

And how you can do it too...with the right mindset
Seth Kniep
Jan 1, 2018
If you work for a company and you love your job, that’s great, and I encourage you to keep building your career. But if your heart is longing for something else and it’s time to make a change, I encourage you to start thinking seriously about building passive income.

When I left Apple, I didn’t want to just replace one boss with another. I wanted to fire my boss for good. I wanted to find a new way of working – to make my business work for me, instead of working for it.  

I started with a dime and doubled it 20 times, until it became $100,000. When I ask people how much a dime would become if it was doubled 20 times, they can’t believe the answer. But this concept of exponential growth applies to every part of life: relationships, time, health, emotions, spirituality. Everything!

When I applied this principle to business, I saw success. I built five different passive income streams – some real estate, some online selling, some coaching, and a lot of Amazon. I learned how to manage and leverage my time in a way that matched my strengths with a need in the market, and that produced income.

Mistakes Happen

Now, I’ll be honest with you. I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I failed my way into success. With every mistake, I became stronger, and as time went on, I made fewer mistakes and gained greater returns on my investments.

And investment here doesn’t just mean money; it also means quality of life. If your goal is to get rich, then your happiness depends on the amount of change you have in your pocket. Getting rich was never my end goal. My goal is to build wealth as a means to an end. I want to increase quality of life for my wife, my four kids, and my friends. I want to live a full life without worrying about when my next paycheck is going to come. My goal wasn’t to leave my job just to keep working day in, day out. I wanted to create a system to generate passive income, to make money while I slept.

I also want to give back. I used to be poor. I worked day and night; I woke up when it was dark and went to bed when it was dark. I didn’t have time to spend with my family, or time to do the things I love. I was too busy trying to climb the corporate ladder, and I hated it. I knew I had to break away and try something new.

And I was scared. My wife would ask me, “Are you sure you want to do this? Is this going to be what’s best for the family?” Despite the fear, she was still one of my greatest supporters.

Owning Emotions

When you start working for yourself, you have to plan on a lot of emotions, a lot of highs and lows, because suddenly, everything depends on you. You’re not relying on a boss, or a corporation, or a company. Your success is in your own hands. Your emotions will rise and fall, but the struggle will help you grow – not only in wealth, but as a person. When you grow bigger on the inside, the problems around you become smaller.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that making money isn’t the hard part – holding onto money is. That’s why when people win the lottery or get a huge inheritance, a year later all that money is gone. The problem wasn’t the money. Ninety percent of becoming an entrepreneur is growing as a person. It takes character to get up every day and run as hard as you can.

Now, I teach other people how to do what I did. Selling online and coaching people how to do the same are what I do best. People are amazing. People have so much potential and ability and creativity, and every single person is different.

Growing Stronger

I'm not special. I just decided to do something about my dreams. Dreams suck if they remain dreams. There were times I cried on the bedroom floor, and times I literally danced with joy. But when I look back at everything, I’m thankful for even the hardest times, because the lowest moments were the ones that made me stronger.

That’s my main advice to you. Whatever goal you’re striving to achieve, take ownership of your feelings. Take ownership of your struggles, and your fears, and be courageous anyway.

No matter what struggle you’re facing, you can overcome it. You can win. The challenge isn’t around you; it’s inside of you. The only person who can get in the way of me building wealth – both in business and in life – is me. Taking ownership of my own problems lets me grow as a person and create greater wealth and success.

Remember: success isn’t just about money. It’s about how you live. If you strip me naked, take everything I have, and drop me alone in the middle of the street, I can succeed – but only if my character, my heart, and my mindset are in the right place.

My goal is to keep growing stronger on the inside, while I continue building wealth on the outside. And I want to help other people do the same. I want to encourage and challenge others to take ownership of their lives.


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