How a Web Developer Went From $25,000 a Year to $20,000 in 3 Months

This is not your typical Amazon success story...
Seth Kniep
Mar 9, 2020
You may think you've heard this one: a come from behind victory. Maybe even someone defying the odds on Amazon after setting out with a single dime. We often hear about American adversity stories, American immigrant stories, and American ingenuity. But this is not that story.

We usually think of eastern Europeans as doing what they're told—laboring away, satisfied with money enough to live on—that wanting to work doing what you love is a western idea born of luxury. But it's time to shatter those expectations.

This is a human story.

Augustas Kligys needed a change. From Lithuania, speaking English as a second language, he had no idea how to sell on Amazon, and had no reputation...And yet he succeeded.

You can apply what Augustas did to anywhere on Earth. 🌍

Succeed like an entrepreneur by learning from his story:

Turn motivation into action.

Augustas was a digital nomad—a web developer that could work anywhere. He loved to travel. But seven years in, developing websites didn't make him happy. Whenever he stopped to enjoy the world, he couldn't make money. He felt tied to it like a tether. Whenever he tried to leave it, he'd eventually need to go back to web developing to make ends meet.

Where could he find a business model that allowed him to make money even when not working?

He turned towards spiritual guidance. Counsellors from the USA kept saying the same things. "Do what you love." But Augustas didn't know what he loved to do.

These advisors said to "serve people". He dismissed the idea.

This wasn't just a translation issue, but a philosophical one as well. People across the world—especially those in the west—naturally reject the idea of serving others in favor of independence. In business, we may think it has to be cutthroat, mean, and heartless. It's about money, some say, not the people!💸

Later, he understood that to serve people meant to frame his thinking around others' needs. Focus on people and receive positive energy back. It's all connected.

He realized that money, family, friends, and spiritual wellbeing aren't separate—as much as we want to compartmentalize them. Just like our environment, deserts and jungles (even when thousands of miles apart) affect each other through the ecosystem. We are all a part of the same world and live a combined experience. Creating artificial splits between the various ecosystems of life is unhealthy.

Photo by Ivan Bandura

Augustas realized, "If I work on serving people, the money will come." It finally made sense to his heart.

Could he serve people by building websites? Augustas helped non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) build their websites.

Then he found Amazon FBA.

But instead of going into it himself, he discovered European Facebook communities asking for help. Three and a half years ago, there was little to no information on selling on Amazon in European marketplaces. (With hundreds of European students all across Europe, we teach you how to do that). He could serve them!

Take action in the face of fear.

How could he serve this community in European FBA when he couldn't help himself?

Then, he saw an opportunity: virtual summits.

Augustas would connect Amazon sellers with experts. Even though he wasn't an Amazon seller and knew little about the mechanics of it, he could still bring supply to Europe's demand for knowledge.

We've said before to become an expert in your field, but Augustas's field wasn't e-commerce. It was organization. Augustas leveraged his skill to provide value to others. His value was collecting minds who understand Amazon and bring them together to teach others how to reach their goals. That value and service to others transformed into profit.

Thus, his company, Orangeklik, was born—named for orange (Amazon’s color) and click (you need to click a mouse to buy on Amazon) which was also a play on his last name Kligys.

Photo by Allie Smith

However, Augustas didn't jump right into it. He first thought to do a "test" in his home country.

When starting a new venture it’s natural to create excuses in our mind for not moving forward. It makes it easier to suppress the real issue: fear of failure.

Augustas had an excuse. English was not his native language. Yet, the vast majority of Amazon sellers speak English.

But then he thought, "That would be a waste of three months of work." His country only had three million people and hardly any market for Amazon training. After three months of work, he wanted to reap some sort of reward.

Augustas says taking action was the hardest thing for him. It's easy to postpone. It's another to be decisive.

Fortunately, his wife supported him and believed in his dream.

And he moved forward.

Follow through.

Augustas prepared for 26 interviews and conducted himself like a journalist. While he admits, "My interviews didn't go deep," his audience was ecstatic. Industry experts noticed his format and wanted to be in the next virtual summit.

The organization of the European Seller Summit on Orange Klik was mind blowing. The calendar he provided speakers instantly told them when everything was happening and what Augustas needed by certain dates. If there was anything speakers didn't know how to do, he had Google docs full of info waiting for them.

His model was amazing because he didn't have to be an expert in the same field as the one in which he provided expertise to others. He didn't understand Amazon, but he understood the market.

Within three weeks, he had 1,500 subscribers. In three months, he made $20,000.

Fast forward 2.5 years from 2016 and Augustas has hosted 200 interviews, built an email list of 7,000 subscribers, and today he hosts the European Sellers Conference. 📈

Had he only done his web developer job—even if he made the same amount of money—he would have missed out on his new email list, industry connections, and new reputation. Even while he slept, the work he created got people interested. He built his foundation for the future.

Augustas threw five more summits that year, did newsletters, and had affiliate deals that allowed him to transition away from his hourly job.

Now he has financial freedom and time with his family.

His advice is to take action. No matter how big or small your action is, put yourself in a better place. His advice to one of his friends was to do YouTube videos of his passion. Forget the camera quality. Even if no one ever sees it, his action would put him towards the next step. Life is an improve-as-you-go kind of thing. Repair the bike as you ride it. 🚴

He says, "Show the universe your energy by taking action, and then the universe will show you your next steps.

"If you need to do something to move forward, large and small, just do it. If you need to email someone, it costs no money. If you need to call, just call."

Habitual planning-type people struggle to start because they feel like everything needs to be in place first. The paintbrush needs to be the fancy one in order to get their painting right, they think. But really, people make amazing works of art with ballpoint pens. 🎨

Not every website started with the version you see today. Facebook and YouTube have gone through dozens of iterations. It doesn't need to be perfect from the start.

Don't be afraid to fail.

Years ago, Augustas and his wife had to be very careful with everything they bought. They could only buy the best deals. Today, they don’t have to worry about the price. If it’s a high quality product, they buy it. 

People can use their skills in ways people don't even think about. Maybe you're not good with car mechanics, and you love cars, but you are great with people. There's a place for people skills within any industry! When you collaborate with others who are strong where you're lacking, and you are strong where they need help, then you can blow away any obstacle! 💥

Take action!

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