How a Just One Dime student went from $0 to $3,000,000 within a year

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Seth Kniep
Feb 19, 2019
Warriors, if I said you could build a million dollar empire in just one year, would you be excited?

What if I said during that year you’d lose sleep, lose money, and lose all confidence in yourself until you rocketed past rock bottom into a pit of metaphorical magma?

Still pumped?

If you are, fantastic, because that means you’ve got what it takes to be the next version of one of our greatest Just One Dime success stories.

This Just One Dime member (we’ll call him Bobby McGee) boasts one of the most accelerated, yet insanely difficult, growth stories of our entire community.

If you read how to find the best Amazon product to sell, you know that there’s nothing instant about the research you have to do to find an item that resonates with a passionate community. But this process took Bobby McGee a month and a half. That’s forty five days of researching, testing, sweating, going back to the drawing board, and doing it all over again. If there were a highway that circled the entire world, it would take you less than half that time to drive it. That's how deep he had to dig to start building his empire. It took massive commitment. But he stuck with it!

Obviously? It didn’t stop there.

“Bobby” took another two months to find the right supplier, get it built the right way, tested for quality, and shipped to Amazon’s fulfillment center. How many email trails do you think grow out of sixty days of hardcore grinding while you’re still working hard to support yourself and your family at your day job? Let’s just say it was more than five.

Once he finally had his product, his storefront, and the physical units safely stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, the doubts set in.

What if I picked the wrong product? What if the product isn’t niche enough? What if I’m just not good enough?

Warriors, that doubt was lies and Bobby killed the lie

I will find a way, no matter what it takes.

Bobby launched his product, running PPC using Just One Dime’s training. Within three weeks Bobby sold out of inventory. It sold so fast he didn't have time to restock so he closed his listing fast and plopped on the couch to think.

I did the hard work. I made great money. I can just restock and live a comfy life. I fired the 9-5. This pays quintuple what that paid, so why not?

Bobby generated more than $100,000 in 30 days. This was insane money compared to his old job. The temptation to say, “Good enough” knocked on the door of his brain.

One night, Bob went for a drive to think. He thought about his past. He thought about his wife. He thought about his three little children. What would they love 3-15 years from now.

And that’s when it hit him.

Bobby drove home with a smile and a mission.  

Bobby’s next order was different. He listened to his customers’ feedback and created a better version of his last product. It took more time and headache than he expected. But he didn’t care. His mind was set.

Bobby took a major risk here. Production time was longer. This mean losing out on daily sales. This meant the risk of the supplier not getting the upgraded version right the first time.

Lead time on production and shipping shipping? Up to 70 days.

Taking that amount of time at 0 stock is huge. A brand new store, a sparkling  new product, people lining up,, and now between production and shipping, customers have to be put on hold for almost a quarter of a year?

It still paid off.

Since that time, Bobby surpassed three million in revenue at 40%+ profit margins.

When his next round of sales hit, Bobby collected insane profits, fired his boss, and gave me permission to share his amazing story.

So why am I keeping his name and store under wraps? Simple! When you have access to the kinds of bombs this guy can drop, you can’t just give everyone access! But...

Want to meet Bobby? Book it to L.A!

Just One Dime is hosting Ecom 2019 in Los Angeles, and you’ll find “Bobby” amongst our many other experts and successful warriors, both onstage and off. This ecommerce Mecca will be packed with actionable content you can take home and use immediately! Enjoy networking parties with some of the most brilliant minds in the ecommerce industry.

Come shake the ecommerce industry! Join us in L.A, and take your online empire to the next level.

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