Ecom News Feature: Family Clinic with Therapy Cats

His friends thought he was crazy—yet he succeeded!
Seth Kniep
Nov 21, 2019
Ecom News
His house burnt to the ground. For the next year, he tried to recover both physically and mentally. He then came up with this great idea: Why not create a family clinic that has a bunch of video games everywhere and lots of cats walking around?

It’s called a Cat Therapy Clinic for Humans.

Life was amazing before it all came crashing down.

William Powers, M.D., designed a highly synthetic diet he thought would be ideal for cats. It turned them into giants.

Two of his cats became Guinness World Record titleholders. One for being the tallest cat to ever live, the other for having the longest tail ever on a cat.

Arcturus Aldebaran Powers was the tallest cat to ever live.
Cygnus Regulus Powers had the longest tail on a cat ever.

He booked TV shows and charity events. He served as President of the Ferndale Cat Shelter. He raised money to help Detroit rescue street cats.

But on November 12, 2017, he woke up to his smoke alarms blaring and his living room ablaze. Choking in the smoke, he searched for his cats and started creating escape paths for them. And then he passed out.

The house burned to the ground. His cats died in the flames. Dr. Powers barely made it out alive.

Powers spent the next year of his life trying to recover physically and mentally. Finally, he got cleared to return to work. He spent all his 20s training to be a doctor. With this tragedy, it felt like it had all been for nothing. He didn't want his old life anymore. He wanted more—to be happier.

So he came up with a plan. People would mock this plan. But Dr. Powers would prove them wrong.

Dr. William Powers with Hyperion, one of the resident therapy cats.

Powers decided to open his own family practice clinic: Powers Family Medicine. It wasn't like any practice ever seen before.

It was so bizarre, people would call him crazy. Dr. Powers would open the first family practice featuring therapy cats and video game decorations—his two favorite interests.

"People will never go to your practice," his colleagues told him. "People want a sterile, simple, professional-looking place for medical care."

Dr. Powers shrugged and carried on.

He rented a small office space near the ruins of his home.

Cats roam free in the office. Every exam room has a Super NES Classic to play while you wait.

And he opened his doors.

Most new family medical offices take 5-7 years to get up to speed with lots of patients.

Dr. Powers did it in 6 months.

And within those 6 months, Powers Family Medicine became the #1 patient-rated family practice of the state of Michigan. Why? People felt welcome there! Patients with alternative lifestyles felt more comfortable and able to be open up with their doctor.

The world said, "You can't do that."

Dr. Powers said, "Watch me!" Today he's living his dream. Remember, don’t let the negativity of others discourage your process and passion!

Go live your dream, warrior.

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