Coronavirus: I’m stuck in Prague! Could this destroy us?

What will happen to me as an Amazon seller?
Seth Kniep
Mar 17, 2020
I flew across the ocean with my wife and media director to Europe to train Amazon sellers at the European Seller Conference. We collaborated with Amazon sellers who do as much as $100 million a year. Little did I know that we might be stuck here...

Prague, Czech Republic. 5,509 miles from home. 🇨🇿

What do you do when authorities on pandemics are announcing that COVID-19 may be the fasting spreading virus in the last 100 years, and you may have just landed in its new epicenter? Europe. 😷

This virus has infected more than 167,500 people around the world and taken the lives of over 6,600 people (for the latest numbers, see here). Hotels, movie theaters, airlines, and restaurants are closing down. State measures to counteract the spread of COVID-19 went into effect. National governments closed doors on airlines.

We headed to the airport to see if we could catch an earlier flight before the airport shut down. We were hit with the reality that we might be stuck in a foreign country for a while. Like 30 days stuck.

Their answer: "Five flights have been canceled but yours is far."

"So are we still good to fly out tomorrow?" I asked.

They responded reassuringly, "We don't know." 😓

You don't know?! I thought. I'm 5,000+ miles from home.

What do you do when you are stuck in a foreign country far from home? How do you pay for the costs of living in a hotel? The increased costs of travel when you need to take an Uber or Lyft? Being separated from your children living at home?

I understand why this situation could be absolutely devastating to over 95% of the world. But, thankfully, we weren’t devastated at all. And that’s because we sell on Amazon.

Our income does not depend on a job back at home. We can be anywhere in the world and still run our businesses that pay for our expenses and still have enough left over to enjoy life and do amazing things around the globe. All we need is a coffee shop. A place with internet. ☕️

Shoppers jump onto Amazon and buy more than 4,000 products per minute. That’s more than 5,760,000 products a day. Some of those are our products. And we never have to touch the product.

The customer orders the product and Amazon ships it to their house on our behalf. And we get paid.

That is freedom. Freedom to do the things you love with the people you love.

When you build an online business, you are no longer tied to one location or set hours of the day. You can work when and where you want to.

What would have been a tragedy yesterday, has become a new adventure today.

I know these times are scary. I know it can be unnerving. But fear has a way of creating mass hysteria. So, I'm going to break down four ways you can respond right now and actually grow into a stronger person as a result.

1. Don’t listen to the media.

They make money off of fear, hype, and drama. This results in more problems than we began with. Focus on truth. Garlic and holding your breath do NOT do you any good.

Fact: According to CDC and most government sources, COVID-19 has a death rate of 2-3%. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the majority of those cases are elderly or immunocompromised people.

Did you see the Italian guy who recorded the newspaper of Bergamo, a city about 30 miles northeast of Milan in the hard-hit Lombardy region, and showed 10 pages of obituaries? Did you notice that the majority of those people were elderly? It's devastating, yes. Elderly people matter just as much as young people.

Make no mistake—this is more serious than the seasonal flu, and we have to do all we can to prevent its spread. But COVID-19 has a hard time taking down healthy people, as sick as they may sometimes get. That is good news.

Fact: According to CDC, 16% of people who test positive for COVID-19 have no symptoms. Of those who do test positive, 80% have mild symptoms.

2. Do not let the masses determine what you do.

One person starts panic buying toilet paper and suddenly everyone else thinks they need to do it too. This is, in part, due to misinformation. I love the logic: a virus might attack your lungs so go buy gobs of toilet paper.

When I became an Amazon seller, everyone was saying, "It doesn't work. It's a scam. Amazon's fees are too high."  If I had listened to the advice of the masses and my friends and even some family members, I would not be a millionaire today.

3. Do things that your future self will thank you for.

My wife and I made uncomfortable decisions long ago that have made us comfortable today. Sadly, a lot of people are not willing to experience temporary discomfort. Don’t be the statistics. Be the exception.

4. Let your heart be full of gratitude.

Why not blow the world’s mind with a positive, grateful, attitude? You are breathing. You have food. If you are reading this, you are alive.

When you were born, no one handed you a certificate guaranteeing a life free of trouble. We easily forget what our great grandparents and ancestors had to deal with. Depressions. The Spanish flu. The bubonic plague. Smallpox. Multiple World Wars. The world is overall a more peaceful place today than it ever has been, despite the way news outlets spin it.

Some people suffer from the brutalities of cruel governments—stuff that hardly ever reaches the mainstream media and, when they do, fade away quickly. Many people today are still tortured for their beliefs, others suffer under the evil of sex slavery. But you and me have it good!

That alone is enough to fill one’s heart with gratitude. Did you know that the the bubonic plague (also known as Black Death) swept through city after city in the 1300’s, killing up to 60% of the people in some towns? Strange to think about, but some of those people could be your and my ancestors.

Image by chris s

Today, millions of people across the US and around the world still have to risk being infected by COVID-19 because they are required to drive to their 9 to 5, Monday through Friday.

Not long ago, this was me too. I wanted freedom. Freedom to not have to go to work because someone was telling me to go to work. So, I decided to do something about it. For several years I studied and tested, and failed and succeeded day after day, learning how to become a profitable Amazon seller.

Today I’m free to live anywhere in the world because I understand the power of Amazon and the freedom it provides for me and my family.

If this is you, if you are tired of working the 9 to 5 and yearn to create cash flow that gives you freedom to do the things you love with the people you love, find an opportunity and run for it. Don't give up when it gets hard.

How to Respond to COVID-19

Becoming an entrepreneur has completely changed how I look at life. It's made COVID-19 way less threatening because I don't depend on an office job to pay my bills.

I will show you exactly how I do seven figures on Amazon every year.

Looking forward to meeting you soon :)

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