Beware: scammers and cons hunting wannapreneur victims

How to know if you can trust someone with a training program
Seth Kniep
Dec 20, 2017
Recently, there’s been a surge of people preying on and victimizing those brave enough to give entrepreneurship a try. More and more ads are popping up on Facebook saying, “go to this seminar” or “join this webinar,” promising passive income by the bucket-load – if you pay a hefty sign-up fee.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with paying a professional to give you a boost toward success. That’s what I do! I spend over $10,000 a month to get advice and help from people better than me. I turn that advice into millions, literally. Totally worth it. But with so many scammers out there, if can be difficult to know who you can trust.  

It’s a shame that when people are finally ready to leave the corporate world and try being their own boss, so many others are lying in wait to exploit their inexperience and make money off them. It’s a shame – but it’s true, and it happens too often.

Who can you trust?

So, how do you know who to trust? People who are real. People who tell you the truth. People who don't flatter you and are not afraid to contradict you because it will help you in the long term.

When I create YouTube videos and blogs, I give hundreds of hours (literally) away every month to help people, no strings attached. After that, if they want to pay me to continue coaching them, they already know what they’re paying for. The content we offer in our course is ten times more in depth and step-by-step, covering details we don't offer to the general public. I don’t promise my clients the world and insist that they need me to be successful. I let them decide for themselves. People are smart enough to know what they need.

Be smart and be cautious! When you pay someone to help you, make sure you know who you’re hiring. You want someone honest, someone who’s open about their methods and what they can do to help you succeed. And remember: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Too Good To Be True

A client of mine once paid someone $2,000 for a training course on how to use Facebook ads. The problem? My client didn’t make a cent from Facebook ads. She helped people hire and train managers, and her business wasn’t well-suited to Facebook advertising. Twitter would have been a good place to advertise, or Google AdWords – but not Facebook.  

This person preyed on my client’s inexperience, marketing something to her that had little to no relevance to her business. She gave someone $2,000, trusting them to help her – and they took her money and stopped returning her phone calls. The offer seemed shiny and promising, but it wasn’t genuine or honest in any way.

Of course, I’m not saying coaches, seminars, and webinars shouldn’t exist. Coaching is awesome! It is one of the most difficult but most rewarding jobs a person can have. People can be complicated, strange, and unique, and that can make them difficult to work with, but nothing is more satisfying than helping another human being.

What our world really needs is more open, honest, upfront people. Those who leverage people’s inexperience, fear, and insecurity using sneaky marketing tactics to earn a quick buck aren’t trustworthy, and they shouldn’t be the ones you turn to for help.

It’s not wrong to want to stop working for a company, and it’s not wrong to pay someone to coach you, but you have to be careful. There are more and more cons out there taking advantage of people who are just starting out as entrepreneurs.

So, feel free to leave the corporate world behind, but when you’re reaching out for help, be smart. Choose someone genuine, open, and honest. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.


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