Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content. What is it? Should I use it?

Is Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content worth it? What if I don't have this option yet? How do I set it up?
Seth Kniep
Jan 6, 2017
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Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content appeals to different shopping styles. Some shoppers want to read every line and detail before purchasing. Others prefer to scan bold headers and photos. Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content provides both in a single listing!

Enhanced Brand Content enriches the Amazon shopper's buying experience.

If you want your listing to stand out from the rest, Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content gives you a strong advantage! Especially while it's still free.

Enhanced Brand Content increases your product's visual attraction.

Using Enhanced Brand Content is a major step forward in differentiating your showcased product from the rest. Imagine you are selling Cheerios and an Amazon shopper finds your listing:

And they scroll down to view more details. Here is what your listing looks like without Amazon's enhanced brand content.

Here is what your listing looks like with Amazon's enhanced brand content:

Enhanced Brand Content increases your product's search engine ranking.

One of the algorithms Amazon uses to rank listings in search results is the quality of the content. The higher the quality of your photos and the more specific and detailed your description is, the higher your product is going to rank. This is not only true for Amazon but Google. Google ranks products and blogs based on content more than anything else. A 2,200 word blog will rank higher than a 200 word blog (if the content is equally excellent). Look at the level of detailed text along with showcased pictures you can include in just one enhanced brand content listing:

Enhanced Brand Content helps you overcome the most common customer objections.

When an Amazon shopper looks at your product, their mind is running through numerous reasons not to buy. But if your product answers every objection, and the customer feels that your product will solve their solution at a fair price, they will buy.

With Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content you can intercept the most common questions the Amazon buyer will ask before they have time to ask them. The best place to find these customer questions is on the product listing itself where Amazon shoppers can ask questions:

Just turn each question into a statement on your product listing and you will increase your conversion rate. Note that for every question posted on your product there are probably one thousand customers with the same question who won't take the time to post the question. If you intercept this by answering the question before they even ask it, your sales rate is going to go up!

How do I use Enhanced Brand Content?

In Seller Central, click on Advertising at the top of the page and then Enhanced Brand Content. If you don't have this option on your account yet, be patient. Amazon will eventually roll this out to everyone. This is another reason if you already have it, I highly recommend you take advantage of it now, because this gives you a massive advantage over your competitors.

How to use Enhanced Brand Content

Once you click on Enhanced Brand Content, it will take you to this page:

How to use Enhanced Brand Content

Enter your product's SKU. If you have a parent product with child variations, enter the parent SKU and the enhanced content will apply to all the variations. The easiest way to find your SKU is to click on Inventory and then Manage Inventory in your Seller Central Account. On each listing you should see a column that shows you the SKUs. Copy and paste it into the box on the Enhanced Brand Content application page.

How to use Enhanced Brand Content

Keep in mind that your product has to be enrolled in Amazon's Brand Registry  in order to use the Enhanced Brand Content. If you have not taken this step you can apply for brand registry here.

Once you have entered your product's SKU, you have one of five templates to choose from. Choose the one you think will feature the strengths of your product the very best.

How to use Enhanced Brand Content

After you select a template, follow the step-by-step instructions for filling out your new content.

The other amazing advantage you will find using Enhanced Brand Content is that it lets you tell your brand's story. It personalizes your product in a way you never could before. People connect to stories because stories are the stuff that life is made of.

Did your clothing brand start with a dream of providing simple clothing for people overwhelmed with all the competing styles? Tell that story! Was your new line of automotive parts birthed in a garage in Atlanta, Georgia to provide generic parts at half the cost most auto mechanics charge? Tell that story!

Another massive advantage to using Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content is now you can differentiate your product's brand from that of your competitors when running an Amazon sponsored ad. You can showcase your product's strengths through mirroring, contrast, polarization, transitions, and lens treatments.

It is currently free, but in the future there may be a charge, so take advantage while you still can!

What should I expect after submitting my new content?

Once you submit your enhanced content, your submission will either be rejected or accepted within seven days. Amazon will tell you what you need to change until you get it right. Usually it only takes 48 hours for the content to be processed. You can have up to 20 submissions waiting for approval at one time.

What does Enhanced Brand Content not let me do? 

Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content does not allow you to do HTML editing apart from the basic HTML tags you can currently do on Amazon. Nor does it allow you to upload videos. Videos are still reserved for Amazon exclusive programs and Amazon retail vendors.

Is there a way to upload my new content more efficiently if I have a bunch of listings? 

Yes! Use the Enhanced Content Uploader if you need to submit multiple listings at one time. You need to be approved for Amazon Business Seller Program. If you are not, you can apply to enroll in the Amazon Business Seller Program here.

How can I ensure my submission will get approved?

Just make sure you follow these "do not's":

Do not:

  • Mention your company as a seller or distributor
  • Provide your company contact information
  • Mention competitors' products
  • State that you are the only authorized seller of this product
  • Mention your pricing or any promotion you are doing
  • Mention anything about shipping such as "free shipping"
  • Use any copyright or trademark symbols in your content
  • Make boasts like "top selling product" or "best customer service"
  • Mention any time sensitive information such as, "On sale until December 31" or "On sale now!"
  • Mention customer reviews from Amazon or any other site
  • Add quotations or endorsements from any third party sources like a magazine or other website
  • Use low quality or fuzzy images
  • Use images containing text
  • Include lifestyle images that do not show the product
  • Mention any warrantees or guarantees
  • Use images that mimic Amazon's logos, headers, or layout style, or use any logos or brands other than your own
  • Include any link that redirects the customer to a website outside of Amazon or to another one of your products
  • Use punctuation, grammatical, or spelling errors
  • Overuse italics or bold fonts
  • Mention any products that would be used for criminal activity
  • Violate any category requirements or selling on Amazon policies

I hope you find this helpful as you continue the journey to passive income on Amazon! If you need a coach, a team of people who can help promote your product, and some high-ranking listings, apply for coaching here.


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