Amazon Project Zero is the latest in listing fraud prevention

Amazon Project Zero has the fix for fakes!
Seth Kniep
Mar 20, 2019
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Picture this nightmare scene. You put your time, money, and a metric ton of mental effort into a brand and product that will build your empire...and with just a purchase and a supplier contact, someone steals your work, your customers, and your margin in fell swoop. How? Hijackers!

It happens, warriors.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but counterfeits aren’t compliments. And once someone decides to squat on your listing, the onus is on you, not only to discover it, but to spend more of your time fighting it!

Well, no one builds margin to spend their extra time battling these shortcut scammers, and fortunately, the days of ‘no good company goes unpunished’ are almost out of sight!

Amazon announced a brand new program that empowers you to cut counterfeits down and save the integrity of your product WITHOUT needing to spend extra time and money fighting the fakes.

“We can now detect and stop counterfeiting for every product unit before it reaches a customer.” - Amazon

Amazon Project Zero works proactively to protect your brand name, and gives you never-before-seen power to nuke the counterfeit yourself!

But not just anyone can get their hands on these tools, and rightfully so.

Here’s what you need to get into Project Zero:

An invitation

Because this is so revolutionary, and high-value, Amazon’s doing the right thing by putting up multiple barriers to entry.

Companies are evaluated before enrollment to prevent long-con scammers from waltzing in and shutting you down before you can defend your intellectual property.

If you know in your bones your brand is ready, there is a waitlist available, but for now, focus on upkeep, because Amazon is playing their new enrollment dates close to the vest!

An established brand

Project Zero protects its own integrity by only letting serious brands in.

That means you need a government registered trademark and enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry to qualify. If you prove that you’re invested enough in the success of your brand to back it with the protections already available, you’ll be up for consideration!

A data submission

Just like any good lawyer needs to know their clients’ info to protect them, Project Zero needs your info to keep counterfeiters at bay.

You’ll need to submit your trademark documentation, logo, slogan, and any other unique data in order to be covered from all angles.

It’s absolutely impossible to include too much information—if the Project Zero team can’t connect stolen data to you, you run the risk of incurring strikes against your account for targeting anything you can’t prove was stolen and the risk of more thorough copycats calling fake dibs on you.

Either way, the scammers win, so do not hold back!

So how does Project Zero remove knock offs from your listing?

There are three tools Amazon’s team implements to kick counterfeiters to the curb.

  • Tool 1: Automated protections. Amazon uses machine learning to scan over 5 billion product listing updates every day, looking for suspected counterfeits.

These always-on processes remove 100 times more counterfeits than any one human could reactively eliminate with a report system, so lightning-fast takedowns happen before you’re aware of the initial fraud!

  • Tool 2: Self-service counterfeit removal tool. This is the big red button of fraud prevention.

If you see a parasitic listing that the automation doesn’t, you’re in direct control of blasting that page into oblivion with no need for requests, referrals, or waiting!

  • Tool 3: Product serialization. Amazon provides a unique code for each product unit during the manufacturing process—serving as a physical “I.D” and verification of authenticity for both Amazon’s scanners and savvy customers.

This portion of Amazon Project Zero is optional, but highly recommended. It’s the only component of these protections that requires payment from you: up to five cents per listing based on the volume of products sold.

This service is the ultimate game-changer!

I’m absolutely keeping my ear to the ground to see what happens next, and if you have even an iota of concern for your brand’s security, make sure to stay tuned in here, and on the Just One Dime YouTube channel to keep up with the latest developments!


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