3 steps to getting Amazon & your customers to love you and your store

Turn customers into champions for your company
Seth Kniep
Nov 7, 2017
Grow your Amazon store
Today I want to talk about one of the most fun and challenging parts of selling on Amazon. This is extremely important. If you don’t have this down, your store and presence on Amazon will degrade, even if you are selling really well. Your sales will slow over time as well, and you'll suddenly not be making money on Amazon anymore. This happens to many people.

Some people say it only takes 100 people who are completely avid and passionate about a company to get it moving forward. I’m not even talking about a brick-and-mortar store or an online e-commerce store. I’m talking about an Amazon company, your store, online.

There are three ways I turn customers into champions for my store that I want to share with you today. I'll show you everything I can and exactly what steps to take so that customers are amazed at the service you give them.

If your customers love you, Amazon will love you. If Amazon loves you, you'll have much less trouble getting their approval for gated categories, better seller performance, and your sales will be increased as a result. Never underestimate the value of turning your customers into champions for your company.

Tip #1: Log into your Amazon Seller Central account at least twice a day.

This needs to happen at least twice every 24 hours. This is important! Amazon has metrics regarding customer communication: if a customer messages you, and you don’t respond within 24 hours, your account health will drop.

For example, if they submit a return request on an item that was FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant, or shipped off by you), you have to approve or respond to that request within 24 hours, otherwise it will hurt your account health.

When I started Amazon, I just checked once every day. However, if I did all my customer response and admin work on Amazon every day at 5pm, but one day only got to it at 5:10pm, I could potentially be outside of that 24-hour window and hurt my account. So it is very important you check your messages at least twice a day. I pay an assistant to do this for me. She checks it every morning and evening. This way, if there is an urgent issue, she can immediately contact me and we can fix it. We never have to scramble before the time runs out to resolve the issue.

Tip #2: Answer customer questions on products as they come in.

I have an email that is devoted to Amazon only. I used it to set up my Seller Central account. Every time an email comes in from Amazon, I know exactly what it is and where to find it. Email is also the fastest and easiest way to be notified. Sometimes customers will submit questions about a product on the listing itself. This is different than being messaged as a seller. Those messages you have to respond within 24 hours. This is the customer asking a product-related question on the listing itself. Amazon takes in these questions and re-routes them to different people depending on who they think can answer best. Sometimes, you as the seller will be notified of a question, and other times they go to other customers who have bought the product before. You’re not required to answer them, but I highly recommend it.

If you get an email that says “Can you answer this question?” it’s very important you click on it. It will lead you to a page on Amazon connected to the product listing where you can answer the question. For example, if you were selling a syrup sampler box and Amazon notifies you a customer asked “How are these syrups used?” you can click on it answer, “Normally in coffee, but also sometimes in tea, lemonade, cocktails, etc. Anything you want to add a little flavor to.” Then after you submit it, it will show up with the questions and answers on the product’s page.

The customer is hesitating on a buy because they need to know the answer to their question. The faster you answer the question, the more likely this customer is to buy the product.

Something else to consider is that if you get a lot of the same question on one product, it’s probably an indication you need to change your product description or the bullet points. So if I was selling the syrups and got asked “How are these syrups used?” Answer their question, but also put a statement that answers that question in your product description. It would be a bad assumption to assume the customer already knows how to use the product. Sellers should always adjust their product description based on the questions they receive unless it’s a very minor issue.

Tip #3: Surprise and delight your customers.

How do you do this? I have an extremely effective and easy way. You don’t just want your customers to get what they expect: you want them to get more.

The first thing I do is after every transaction is I send a thank you letter through Amazon. It looks like this:

We hope you love your [name of product]! Your shipment is on its way. I added some [blank] to your shipment to make it easier to [blank].

What does this mean? Let’s say you were selling a collar for a cat. You could say “I added some tips on training your cat.” Add something simple and easy that helps the customer. You could do this through a little card, or a message. You always want to add something extra to surprise and delight them.

If you were sending them a toy, you could throw in some extra batteries. Do something they don’t expect. It will have an amazing result.

I continue with this:

Our goal is your 100% satisfaction with this transaction. If this is not the case, please let us know how to make this right for you before leaving feedback.

I always ask this. If the customer is upset about something, I don’t want them leaving negative feedback or a bad review. I want to fix it first. If I fix it well, chances are they won’t leave me a negative response. They may even leave a positive one!

However, if you enjoyed this buying experience, we’d be honored if you left us positive feedback here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/order-history/ref=nav_youraccount_orders

They can click this link and it will lead them straight to their orders. It’s very easy for them to see the order they got from you, click on it, and immediately leave a review and feedback.

Have an awesome rest of your day,


PS: Your purchase is helping others. 15% of all funds go directly to organizations that help people around the world with less than we have.

I’m not saying you have to do this. It is completely up to you.

When I left Apple and became an entrepreneur, my wife and I made a commitment to give back. We really felt led to do this because we know what it’s like to be broke. I remember the day that I couldn’t afford a cheeseburger from McDonalds. I know what it’s like to be evicted from an apartment because I can’t pay rent. I know that feeling.

So what we do is we help other people who are in need. I don’t add that statement on to the end to slap on a social justice statement and make everyone think we’re wonderful people like a lot of celebrities do. That’s not my motive.

Our motive is we genuinely want to help people. We have been able to help people far more than when I had a regular job. I let people know this so the customer realizes they’re not just purchasing a product, they’re investing in people with real needs around the world. And I absolutely love that part of being an entrepreneur.

I hope this is helpful for you. Remember, you can turn your customers into champions for your company if you follow these tips and are committed to it. Your key goal should be to make a habit of checking your account and taking care of ongoing tasks right away. Creating regular patterns will make your life so much better. Have an awesome day.


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