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Seth Kniep
Sep 12, 2017
Find products on Amazon
One of my favorite sports is boxing. I love boxing because it’s one-on-one. It puts you face-to-face against the number one enemy you will ever face: it’s not the contender in the ring, it’s yourself. One day, I went to a gym and this grisly, old, experienced boxer trained me for hours. I’ve done P90X, all sorts of different workouts and fitness programs, and this by far was the most intense. My entire body was drenched like I’d just walked out of a shower. I was so dead.

Boxers have to be in the best shape in the world. I love it because when you’re in the ring with someone else, going after it face-to-face, that represents life to me. Life isn’t easy. There’s something about a connection you get with the other person as an enemy or brother that makes you stronger on the inside.

Everything else is torn away. You don’t get any special equipment other than pudgy gloves to keep you from literally killing each other. It’s just them and you in the ring. It’s what being an entrepreneur is. You will fight and have to win. You’ll fight your laziness, hesitance, fears, lies, inadequacies, past, and fears of the future—all in the ring of life. If you’re willing to put on the gloves, you will conquer.

Today, I’m going to show you three ways to use AmazeOwl to find products to sell on Amazon. These three tips have helped me a ton. There are three strategies to finding products: some are faster, some are broader, some are more targeted. If you use all three, you’re not going to miss the products you should be selling.

Method 1: Best Seller Method

Click “Hunt for Products”. Drop in the Amazon Best Seller list: amazon.com/best-sellers 

Now I have a filtered list of the top sellers on Amazon, so my chances of finding huge potential are very high. This is one way to find products very quickly, using the best seller list. It narrows down your searches so you are only filtering through products that are selling very well. Then you don’t have to go through pages and pages of search results. This is a very quick and effective method.

Method 2: Keyword Method

Let’s say you’re looking to sell a certain type of product. You can search a keyword, like “kitchen”, in the search, and it’ll pull up anything related to that. The advantages to this is if you are selling in a specific category or niche and you want to dominate that space, this will help you do that. Sticking in the same niche can help you grow a lot because with every new product you introduce, your previous reviewers will be more likely to review the next one because they like reviewing those kinds of products. You will also understand this category better. You’ll know where the ads are placed on the page, since it varies per category. You’ll have an idea of how much it’ll cost to rank. You’ll know the limitations and the competition. It’s better to dominate in one pond than try to take on the entire ocean. The keyword method is very good for sticking to same niche products.

Method 3: Product Database Method

This is one of my favorites. It is insanely fast. If you get the subscription version of AmazeOwl or are enrolled in our coaching program which includes it, all you have to do is click Product Database. It’ll only give you the highest potential, already filtered products. AmazeOwl is out there, sorting through products on Amazon, and finding the best of the best. You can click a category or type a keyword if you want, but all the results will be huge potential. If you want to avoid spending hours and hours going through products to find one potential and instead look at a filtered list so you can decide which to sell, this is a great option. I highly recommend it. 

If there is any way I can help you, let me know. I work with an amazing team of people who crush it on Amazon. We have people doing hundreds of thousands a month in our team as a result of our program, and I’m very proud of that. Have an awesome day.



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