The Amazon Growth Bundle

- 6 hours weekly live group coaching for full year + AmazeOwl Growth Membership

- 4 trustworthy suppliers to build your product + Lifetime Access to Keyword Tool Dominator

- 3 huge potential market niche ideas sent to you only

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What do I get?

Amazon Growth

  • We find factories, suppliers, and samples for you
  • 9 Amazon specialists coach you. 5 hours. Every week. For an entire year.
  • We research the market and send you a huge-potential niche idea to sell in
  • Full year of access to AmazeOwl Growth membership
  • Lifetime access to Keyword Tool Dominator's Amazon Keyword Tool
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Amazon Growth Pro

  • Everything from the Amazon Growth Bundle, plus:
  • Beautiful, ready-to-go, fully functional ecommerce website
  • Three beautiful 3D-rendered photos
  • Personalized logo and branding consultation and creation
  • Full year of access to AmazeOwl Established membership
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If you are dead serious about building passive income on Amazon so you have margin to do the things you love with the people you love, we will fight by your side and do everything we can to help you succeed.

This bundle was built to help make this dream a reality.

We left nothing out in this plan. It’s an entire year of full on training with all the resources and tools you need to become a massive seller on Amazon.

All you need is teachability and consistency. Give it two hours a day for a full year and you can build something massively beyond what any employer can promise you.

Here is everything you will receive:

  • A step-by-step course from A to Z on exactly how to build your Amazon business. We show you every step, from starting your Amazon store to advanced selling techniques for multi-million dollar sellers.  
  • Face-to-face meeting with Amazon expert coach for 30 minutes 

Live Group Coaching (6 hours/week for a full year)

  • Live coaching workshop for product research & listing optimization(1 hour/week). We show you step-by-step exactly how to find huge-potential products to sell on Amazon and how to make your listings irresistible to buyers ($5200)
  • Live Q&A with Amazon top sellers making $40K+/month. 60 minutes every week—you ask your questions and we help! ($4800)
  • Amazon Workshop for Newbies. 60 minutes live every week ($4800)
  • European Seller + International Sales live coaching, one hour every week ($4800)
  • Building product listings with engaging copy - Advanced marketers and copywriters will show you how to write copy that persuades shoppers to buy your Amazon product. You will also learn how to use content to drive visitors to your ecommerce website ($3800)
  • Weekly Aussie community meeting for Australian Amazon sellers ($2000)
  • 9 Amazon expert coaches + private mastermind Amazon seller community ($1600)

Expert Tools

  • Our team in China finds you up to 4 trustworthy suppliers to build your product and puts you in contact with them ($120)
  • 12 months full access to AmazeOwl's product database with filtered list of huge potential products ($80)
  • AmazeOwl's US, CA, and UK research tools (and very soon Germany and France)
  • Lifetime access to Keyword Tool Dominator—get the top keywords directly from customer searches on Amazon (worth $50)
  • Access to secret Amazon seller hacks. We show you how to get your product on the first page of search results ($1000)
  • Three huge-potential product niches emailed to you only with performing keywords, competition, market insights, search volume, & more! ($900)
  • Proprietary techniques for generating product reviews ($700)

Specialized Training

  • 9 latest classified Amazon seller hacks for ranking in top 5% of search results (worth $500)
  • Amazon Ad Campaign strategy to rank strong for BSR and increase legitimate reviews ($200)
  • 72 minute legal training from lawyer: how to brand, trademark, and private label your products + how to ward off hijackers (pre-recorded) (worth $900)
  • A full hour of step-by-step presentation for all the most important things you need to know about Amazon sales tax by a Sales Tax expert ($500)
  • 60 minutes of pre-recorded training from international shipping import/export specialist ($500)

Evergreen how-to, step-by-step videos

  • 80+ hours of prerecorded Amazon expert workshops broken into categories ($1700)
  • 112 hours of Video and Workshop Step-by-Step Training ($2300)
  • Step-by-step weekly instructions for how to build your Amazon business (worth $575)
  • Over 35 hours and 73 exclusive training videos with action steps (worth $2000)

A loyal community to run by your side

  • Specialized training for Amazon sellers in countries around the world ($500)
  • Membership to a 900+ community who will fight for you and help you as you go ($$$ priceless)
(Combined value of $36,005)
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Upgrade to the Pro and you also receive:

  • ‍Beautiful, ready-to-go, fully functional ecommerce website for all your products ($5,000)
  • Three high-end 3D rendered photos of your product ($300)
  • Branding and Logo consultation and creation ($500)
  • Full year of access to AmazeOwl Established membership ($200)
(Combined value of $41,805)
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From the Just One Dime community...

This is what I do.

Hi, my name is Seth.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, father of four, lover of one, and coach to people looking for financial freedom.

Sick of corporacracy and butt-kissing politics, I fired my boss, doubled a dime 20 times leaving me with $100,000 and turned that into 5 streams of passive income.

If you are teachable and know how to hustle, I and my team can teach you how to build wealth. I will show you, step-by-step, how to generate thousands of dollars every week on Amazon.

I and my team of 9 coaches will show you the EXACT steps I took, no matter how little you start with.

Tell me if any of these are true for you:

 - I'm tired of living paycheck to paycheck
 - Making money while I sleep would be amazing...
 - I don't want to wait until retirement to do the things I've always loved...
 - I have a new product but no buyers...
 - I'm ready to expand my life margin so I can do the things I love with the people I love...

These were me.

I got sick of it.

I was done.

I threw in the towel on trusting my company to help me succeed and launched on my own.

I had nothing. Literally, a dime.

And today I make over 7 figures a year.

I’ve worked with thousands of passionate people who are now living in financial freedom. People just like you…

Adam from Dallas, Texas

Kiwi from New Zealand

Celeste from Redding, California

Carlos from Austin, Texas

Sue from Greystanes, Australia

Lina from Yiwu, China

Lonnie from Denham Springs, Louisiana

Eric from Williston, Vermont

Alessandra from Orlando, Florida

David from Miami, Florida

Harks from London, England

Dan from Johannesburg, South Africa

Scott from Austin, Texas

Patrick from Totowa, New Jersey

Dr. Valerie from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jan from Eppelheim, Germany

Monique from Costa Mesa, California

Heather from Kelowna, Canada

Just One Dime member

Destiny from Houston, Texas

Elise from Lebanon

Christine from Peru, New York

Saad from Kuwait

Vasilii from Kemerovo, Russia

Susan from Peru

Danilo from Naples, Italy

Hassan does $100,000 on his first product

Nathan does $30,000 in 12 days

Limited Spots Available

Because I value my time more than my money, I and my coaches only work with people who are serious about fighting for success.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie on Amazon or an advanced business owner—we coach people who have never sold a thing on Amazon and others who do more than $7,000,000 a month.

What matters is that you are serious about doing what it takes to make this happen for yourself.

I and my coaches will share with you our top Amazon hacks, best secrets for explosive sales growth, tools for ten-timing your time, emotional inspiration, and specific step-by-step how-to's.

It will never be a question of enough content.

The real question is: Are you ready to make this happen for you and the people you love?

With Just One Dime coaching, you will...

- Discover the secrets to creating huge passive income profits every single month on Amazon. This includes Amazon seller hacks that few know about and even fewer know how to use.

- Learn techniques that don't just "get you sales" but continually increase your sales month over month. For example, from January to March, Chris’ monthly sales revenue increased over $5,000. And this was in the slow season! There is no cap to how much you can increase your sales on Amazon.

- Be part of a community where new and seasoned Amazon sellers like yourself share tips, challenges and ideas to encourage, inspire and help you succeed.

- Learn how to literally crush it with Amazon FBA. It doesn't matter if you're selling in the US, Germany, the UK, Mexico, or Canada, we will show you the tools for success for every Amazon market.

- Get access to the exact tools and strategies that allowed me to reach the seven-figure mark—fast.

- Multiply your money at a ridiculous rate. I doubled a dime 20 times and it became $100,000. Imagine doing that with just $100. I will show you EXACTLY how to make your money make you more money.

- Plant not just one passive income tree, but an orchard of "income trees" until money is no longer an issue and now you can spend the most important hours of your day not building someone else's vision but doing what you love with the people you love.

- A ton more that would make this page way too long!

What You Will Receive:

30 minute face-to-face meeting with an Amazon expert coach

This is an extremely personal, customized, motivational, encouraging, goal-setting session where your coach helps you create an action plan for success and answers any questions you have.

5 hours live coaching every week

Weekly live coaching workshops with Seth and Amazon experts

Step-by-step training on how to find, build, and launch huge-potential products. Tactics for growing your Amazon store and multiplying your passive income streams.

Weekly live European seller training

Specialized training for Amazon sellers in Europe or selling in countries around the world other than where they live. Extremely tactical.

Weekly live Q&A with Amazon top sellers

Pure Q&A for any questions you have with Amazon sellers making $40K+ per month on Amazon.

Struggling? Stuck in a rut? Find help here!

Four trustworthy suppliers & photos of samples

Using our vast network, we find you up to four trustworthy suppliers who can build your product, take pictures of the product samples directly from their factory, and send these photos to you. We also put you in direct contact with the supplier.

Three high-end, 3D-rendered photos of your Amazon product

Only in Amazon Growth Pro Bundle

After reading the title of your listing, what is the ​first ​thing Amazon shoppers look at? Yup! Your photos. If your photo is not amazing and your competitor's is, why would someone purchase your product? Your photo is your BIGGEST chance to impress your customer visually.

3D rendering allows you to take a raw photo and manipulate it into something that looks even better than life. In this package you receive three or nine 3D rendered photos of a single product.

Note: We do not do 3D renders of soft, fabric-type products such as a sweater, socks, or lingerie. However, we can do 3D renders of a leather jacket, a vinyl purse, or a belt because the material is smooth.

Examples of 3D-rendered photos

Branding and logo for your Amazon and ecommerce stores

Only in Amazon Growth Pro Bundle

Your logo will leave a lasting impression on the mind of your customer. An ugly or inaccurate logo will stick in the consumer’s mind as a brand to steer clear of. We build you a logo that your customer will never forget and leaves the impression you want to make.

Our team does far more than make you a logo. First, you help us gain an understanding of the nature, feel, and architecture of your company and brand. Then, we research deeply and create a meaningful brand statement and logo that tells the world what you are all about. The logo is more than a mark. It's your identity. When people see your logo, it's immediately recognizable.

Our team offers unlimited revisions of our work after final delivery until you are satisfied with your logo brand.

We will work alongside you, answering any questions you have and help you pick out the right name for your brand that complements your image. (Original files available for additional fee).

Beautiful, ready-to-go, fully functional ecommerce website for all your products

Only in Amazon Growth Pro Bundle

You pick your own domain name and we set everything else up in seven days. Having a website for your Amazon store has become an essential part to succeeding on Amazon. It builds credibility in supplier negotiations, is required for registering your brands with the Amazon brand registry, helps you with becoming ungated in restricted Amazon categories, and is required for applying to Amazon vendor programs.

We help you find a hosting provider and you retain full ownership of your website and domain name.

Save time and money! You focus on building your business. Our website development team will take care of everything else.

  • ‍Intuitive navigation, user friendly, optimized for SEO ranking.
  • Allows you to create your own email lists, increase your brand loyalty and following, and build your own reviewer network.
  • Customers, suppliers, investors, and even competitors will look for your online presence in order to know how serious your business operation is.
  • Premium plugins and templates make it simple to add your new products, delete products, update prices, and more.
  • Comes with full training video tutorials.
  • Our development team has built hundreds of professional, SEO optimized websites (see examples below).

Website examples

Step-by-step launch strategy and BSR ranking

Membership to 800+ community who can help promote your product for you

Step-by-step launch strategy to rank strong for BSR and increase number of legitimate reviews

PPC Ad campaign strategy to rank for top keywords, achieve low ACOS, and land on first page search results

112 hours of exclusive video training

Step-by-step weekly instructions for how to build your Amazon business

Built for optimizing your store to lay a strong foundation for future passive income

Techniques that honor all of Amazon policies to protect your account

Over 35 hours and 77 exclusive training videos with action steps + 77 hours of workshops

New member orientation training to help you set up your schedule, resources and expectations to prepare for success. We show you what to focus on and what to avoid.

9 latest classified Amazon seller hacks

Best secrets for explosive sales growth

Guerrilla techniques that few sellers know about

Get your product in the top 5% of search page results

Find keywords for your ad campaign that other sellers do not even know about

Create a super-URL link that actually works

Step-by-step guidance for finding new markets and utterly crushing the competition

Private mastermind Amazon seller community

I have never worked with a more motivated, passionate, and intense group of sellers on Amazon on fire to help each other. From graphic artists to photographers to lawyers to expert copywriters, this community is packed with expert advice, plus nine expert Amazon seller coaches answering questions. No question goes unanswered and answers come fast!

Brand & trademark protection

Legal training from lawyer: how to brand, trademark, and private label your products (recorded interview)

Strategies for lowering negative reviews and building 5 star feedback

Proven techniques for protecting your brand name and warding off hijackers

One year access to AmazeOwl's Growth membership

➢ Immediate access to a filtered list of hundreds of huge-potential products to sell on Amazon

➢ Research tools for finding potential products in both the US, UK, and Canada

➢ Keyword monitoring allowing you to find up to 10 ranking keywords for your product niche

➢ Exhaustive list of top performing competitors and insights on their selling strategies

Full competitor analysis with charts
Filtered database of huge potential products
BSR, photo, and product description history of competitors
Market, demand, profit, revenue, and ease of entry analysis for new products
Monitor up to 10 ranking keywords for your product niche

Lifetime access to Keyword Tool Dominator's Amazon Keyword Tool

Know the top-ranking keywords straight from Amazon (not Google)

Unlimited real-time keyword suggestions

Unlimited daily searches and keyword downloads

Keyword ranking by popularity and niche and long tail keywords

Multiple international versions supported and lifetime updates

One deeply-researched market niche idea

Our research team finds you one massive-potential market niche idea in the category of your choice. This market niche is  shared with you only. It includes a list of top performing competitors, global search volume, keyword ideas with search volumes for coming up with product ideas, and monthly revenue potential.

Free access to all Amazon expert selling tools and software

Our team is constantly creating better software and tools that take the dull out of menial tasks and multiply your time, which is your most precious asset. Mind-numbing research, number crunching, and tedious keyword performance are automated through the tools we offer. Our tools make these processes smooth and easy.

You get all of these indefinitely for 100% FREE.

My goal is simple: to coach you into extreme success. To train you in the techniques of passive income so you can repeat that process over and over again.

But here’s a fair warning…we only work with people who are teachable and know how to hustle.

If you are convinced you can follow the steps we teach and you want passive income with white-hot intensity, 


if you are ready to change your life so you have margin to do the things you love with the people you love, ready to ditch your soul-crushing 9-5 job and start a new new chapter that chases dreams you've put off for way too long...

CLICK HERE to start today and one of our coaches will set up a meeting with you.

Remember: we make no guarantee will remain open indefinitely.

Don't raincheck your dreams for the perfect timing. It won't come. If your heart is ready to change your life, ACT NOW!

Kniep'n it real,