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Amazon FBA Labs

Amazon FBA Catalyst: from $0 to $100,000 per month on 1 product.

Watch, step-by-step, how I started from scratch and scaled a single product to over $100,000/month in less than a year. I show you the product too!

These are live to tape sessions, where you look over my shoulder and watch as I go through the entire process of finding a product, developing a differentiation plan, nailing down a supplier, building out a full ad campaign, and launching my product until I am generating over $100,000 a month.

This is a step-by-step inside look at how I built one of my own personal Amazon products into over $100,000 a month.

Build an Amazon brand with us!

We’re launching a completely new brand on Amazon and you get to watch as we put it all together! Think reality TV. You will have a virtual seat at the table, looking over our shoulder at our screen, and watch us build this from 0 product and no Amazon store to as far as we can take it for an entire year!

This is an ongoing lab series where you watch us go through every step from finding a product idea, choosing a product category, opening a new Amazon store, choosing a brand—the entire process!

You will pick up hundreds of gems, tips, and techniques as you see us interact out loud over every step. This is not a canned, pre-planned series. You will watch us from day one as we build a brand new brand on Amazon! Expect 2-3 live-to-tape videos every week.


Seth On-Fire Coaching

Create your breakthrough with me and start living life at the next level!

What would you do with $1 million dollars of knowledge—knowledge that could 10x your life? This live training will change the way you look at money, business, sex, relationships, health, and all of life!

This live training is the first of its kind in Just One Dime history. This goes far beyond Amazon.

Ready to accelerate your entire life? You’ll be part of a masterclass of training sessions taught by myself on how to absolutely crush it in life!

I will not just show you how to multiply your income streams, but how to multiply your life. Success is holistic and I know this well. Following are a few examples of what to expect in this masterclass.


How to create multiple streams of income—beyond Amazon

How to build a short term rental business via AirBnB

How to keep the romance on fire in your love life

How to shape the body you always wanted

A deeper look at enhancing sex and intimacy

How to make your money work for you

How to succeed at parenting while being an entrepreneur

How to build a high value brand that you can sell for millions

How to hire, onboard and train a team of 20+ people who can change the world

How to set goals and get results

How to overcome obstacles and make tough decisions

How to live the life of your dreams

Collaboration with the Advanced Community

I am also inviting you to the secret Advanced Facebook Group where only advanced questions are asked. This is a much smaller group with more condensed help and insanely successful Amazon sellers. If you want to work alongside some of Amazon's highest profiting sellers, this is the community.


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Access to individuals who can put you in connection with massive opportunities. It's a growing pool of entrepreneurs who are in this for the long haul. For example, one of our members is a retail, big box store expert and may assist you in getting your store into big box stores. Multiple million dollar sellers drop in and share tips they are using to increase sales on their products.

Weekly tips from a sourcing expert and any time you have a question about about sourcing, you just tag her and ask

Weekly tips from a Facebook ads expert and you can tag him with any questions you have about your own Facebook ads

Advanced Amazon FBA live training

This a premium, in-depth advanced Amazon FBA training is provided nowhere else!

It happens every week and allows you to interact with other advanced sellers as they train you in the most advanced techniques for selling on Amazon. Every workshop is recorded and you get access to all past trainings as well (a massive amount of replays).


All Five FBA Mastery Courses

(with ongoing updates)


We added 80+ videos to Amazon FBA Mastery courses the last few months and continue to update it every single week, so that you always receive the most cutting edge training.

You receive full access to all 5 step-by-step courses showing you exactly how to build a profitable Amazon business. These are updated weekly as Amazon grows and changes.

5 hours of live group coaching every week

Training for all levels: from beginner to advanced

Over 100 exclusive how-to videos

500+ training slides

Weekly live Q&A—you ask your questions and we help!

Weekly live training on how to sell on multiple Amazon marketplaces from around the world

Weekly training for newbie Amazon sellers

30 minute face-to-face strategy meeting with an expert Amazon coach to help you get the most out of this training

A forum monitored by Amazon expert coaches where you can ask any question and receive dozens of helpful answers within 24 hours

A community of on-fire entrepreneurs who actually care about your success and will run with you on this path

And a TON more

We built Legacy for Amazon sellers craving a premium level of training and connections that can catapult them to the next level. Warrior, you will not find an offer at this massive value and low cost anywhere else.

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