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5 hours weekly live group coaching
3 huge-potential product ideas sent to you only
30-minute 1x1 with Amazon expert
Amazon seller community: get help and feedback as you go
112 exclusive training videos
30-day money-back guarantee



One-time payment

Start today
5 hours weekly live group coaching
12 huge-potential product ideas sent to you only
60-minute 1x1 with Amazon expert
Amazon seller community: get help and feedback as you go
112 exclusive training videos
30-day money-back guarantee
Your own beautiful, ready-to-go, ecommerce website
Up to 4 suppliers to build your product
Unique logo built for your brand
One year of AmazeOwl Established: find products in 11 countries

We show you every step, from basic to advanced techniques of multi-million dollar sellers


If you are dead serious about building passive income on Amazon so you have margin to do the things you love with the people you love, we will fight by your side and do everything we can to help you succeed.

This membership was built to help make this dream a reality.

We left nothing out in this plan. It’s an entire year of full on training with all the resources and tools you need to become a massive seller on Amazon.

All you need is teachability and consistency. Give it two hours a day for a full year and you can build something massively beyond what any employer can promise you.

5 courses, 1 membership

Course 1: Establish your business and brand

$1,647 value

Learn the foundations of creating a business, the mindset for building passive income, how to manage assets, how to pick the right business structure, how to set up your Amazon store, how to start a brand, how to trademark your brand, and how to set up supplier accounts.

Main sections include:

  • Strategize your brand
  • Set up your business
  • Open your Amazon account
  • Set up your supplier accounts
  • How to do accounting
  • What you need to know about taxes
  • What you need to know about business insurance

Course 2: Master the market

$1,747 value

We teach you how to evaluate the market, understand market trends versus fads, find high-profit products, discover products shoppers are hunting but no one is selling, differentiate to crush your competition, and how to objectively analyze your research data.

Main sections include:

  • Listings & terminology
  • Product research criteria
  • Product-focused product hunt
  • Keyword-focused product hunt
  • Europe-focused product hunt
  • PPC-focused product hunt
  • Other platform-focused product hunt
  • Evaluate your research data
  • Differentiate your product

Course 3: Manufacture your product

$1,547 value

Learn how to make your product stand out from the competition, how to find and negotiate with trustworthy suppliers to build your differentiated product, how to set up shipping and inspections, how to create your Amazon listing, how to get photos for your product, how to set up your shipping settings, and how to get your product shipped to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Main sections include:

  • Find & negotiate with suppliers
  • Build your differentiated product
  • Set up shipping, inspections, & payments
  • Create your Amazon listing
  • Ship your product to Amazon

Course 4: Launch your brand

$1,647 value

Become a master at launching products, generating reviews, and marketing your product via Amazon PPC and other platforms. This is the stage where you laser focus on sales and growth as you introduce you product and brand to the world. You will also learn how to strategize your launch, launch your product, run PPC, use advanced techniques for boosting sales, collect customer info, and begin building your brand and following. This is where you get to show the world why your brand will not go unnoticed.

Main sections include:

  • Understand the power of a launch
  • How to run your launch
  • How to launch with PPC
  • Other advanced launch strategies

Course 5: Expand your reach

$1,847 value

Grasp the techniques for optimizing your listings for high conversion, and understanding the power of visibility vs. desirability. Learn how to handle customer returns, customer communication, A to Z claims, credit card chargebacks, customer positive and negative feedback, and get negative reviews removed. This section is all about expanding your reach as you build momentum in the marketplace.

Main sections include:

  • Optimize your sales
  • Protect your brand
  • Deliver amazing customer service
  • Keep your Amazon account healthy
  • Expand your brand
$8,435 combined value

Upgrade to the Pro and you also receive:

  • Up to 4 suppliers to build your product ($250 value)
  • Unique logo built for your brand's story ($100 value)
  • 60 minute face-to-face meeting with an Amazon expert coach ($250 value)
  • 12 huge-potential product ideas instead of 3 ($1,200 value)
  • Full year access to AmazeOwl Established membership ($200 value)
  • Beautiful, ready-to-go, fully functional ecommerce website for all your products ($5,000)
(Combined value of $20,435)
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Warning! 🖐️

If you are easily seduced by another "guru with a course and his flashy Lamborghini," we cannot help you.

Our interest is in people dead serious about breaking out of the 9 to 5 slavery.

We help people looking for step-by-step strategies on how to build a passive income machine. A machine that makes money even while they sleep.

Just One Dime student results

This is what I do.

Hi, my name is Seth :)

I was stuck in a corporate job with no viewable way out. I hated my life. It put stress on my marriage and impacted how I treated my children.

I did not have the stomach for kissing butts to move up in the corporate world. I did not fit in. I was an oddball, crazy enough to offer innovative ideas to build better products, but they were shut down because I refused to play the politics.

Even though I worked for the richest company on earth, I was $24,000 in debt and miserable. I knew deep in my soul that I was meant for something greater. I wanted to take control of my future and build a life that I loved.

This was the day I doubled my dime from ten cents to twenty cents

So I set out with a dime with the crazy dream of doubling it 20 times until it was $100,000.

I quickly discovered that selling on Amazon is the fastest path on earth to building passive income, so that even while you sleep, money is still coming in.

I continued to grow my Amazon brands until I was generating over $3.5 million a year at 40-60% profit margins. I made hundreds of mistakes along the way and even lost $20,000 at one point. But I kept going.

Selling on Amazon allowed me to pay off my house, invest in real estate, and travel the world with my family.

Here is the sad reality.

Lots of people sell on Amazon. But less than 10% are succeeding because no one is showing them, step-by-step, how to do it the right way. Imagine a business that makes you money even when you are not working. And then you have margin to spend time with those you love.

If you are teachable and know how to hustle, I and my team can teach you how to build wealth. I will show you, step-by-step, how to generate thousands of dollars every day on Amazon.

I and my team of coaches will show you the EXACT steps I took, no matter how little you start with.

How important are the following to you?

My business gives me margin to spend time with those I love
I work from anywhere I want
I travel anywhere I want
I can buy (almost) anything I want
I make money even when I'm not working
I have enough wealth to support charities close to my heart
I have time to focus on my hobbies
My income lets me take control of my life and creatively plan my future

None of these were true of me.

I got sick of it.

I was done.

I threw in the towel on trusting my company to help me succeed and launched on my own.

I had nothing. Literally, a dime.

And today I make over 7 figures a year

I’ve worked with thousands of passionate people who are now living in financial freedom. People just like you…

Adam from Dallas, Texas

Kiwi from New Zealand

Celeste from Redding, California

Carlos from Austin, Texas

Sue from Greystanes, Australia

Lina from Yiwu, China

Lonnie from Denham Springs, Louisiana

Eric from Williston, Vermont

Alessandra from Orlando, Florida

David from Miami, Florida

Harks from London, England

Dan from Johannesburg, South Africa

Scott from Austin, Texas

Patrick from Totowa, New Jersey

Dr. Valerie from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jan from Eppelheim, Germany

Monique from Costa Mesa, California

Heather from Kelowna, Canada

Elise from Lebanon

Christine from Peru, New York

Vasilii from Kemerovo, Russia

Are you sick of the 9 to 5 death-by-paycheck cycle?

Sometimes you have to become completely sick of something before you are ready to do whatever it takes to build lasting change.

If you are interested in "3 steps to fast cash," I cannot help you.

If you are enticed by an easy path to quick income, this is the wrong place. (I'd contend there is no such place).

But if you are sick of 9 to 5 enslavement, bouncing paychecks, declined debit cards, never being able to take your loved ones to a nice restaurant, not enough money to actually live life the way you would love, then we can help you.

If you are done spending the best hours of your day building someone else's dream, always feeling stuck, we want to show you the path to break out of this.

Because I value my time more than my money, I and my coaches only work with people who are serious about fighting for success.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie on Amazon or an advanced business owner—we coach people who have never sold a thing on Amazon and others who do more than $7,000,000 a month.

What matters is that you are serious about doing what it takes to make this happen for yourself.

We have turned 5 students into millionaires and over 20 students into doing over $100,000 revenue per year. Hundreds of others have fired their boss and now travel the world with their loved ones, while selling on Amazon.

What we teach is changing lives and it can change yours too if you are first, teachable, and second, will work hard—even just 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. In fact, I've never had a single student who did this consistently who didn't succeed.

I and my coaches will share everything with you. I don't hold back. If you are my student, then I am your teacher, and my heart is to see you absolutely crush it, not just on Amazon, but in life.

It will never be a question of getting enough help.

The real question is: Are you ready to make this happen for you and the people you love?

With Just One Dime coaching, you will...

  • Discover the secrets to creating huge passive income profits every single month on Amazon. This includes Amazon seller hacks that few know about and even fewer know how to use.
  • Learn techniques that don't just "get you sales" but continually increase your sales month over month. For example, from June to November, Chris’ monthly sales revenue increased over $15,000! And this was in the slow season! There is no cap to how much you can increase your sales on Amazon.
  • Be part of a community where new and seasoned Amazon sellers like yourself share tips, challenges and ideas to encourage, inspire and help you succeed.
  • Learn how to literally crush it with Amazon FBA. It doesn't matter if you're selling in the US, Germany, the UK, Mexico, or Canada, we will show you the tools for success for every Amazon market.
  • Get access to the exact tools and strategies that allowed me to reach the seven-figure mark—fast.
  • Multiply your money at a ridiculous rate. I doubled a dime 20 times and it became $100,000. Imagine doing that with just $100. I will show you exactly how to make your money make you more money.
  • Plant not just one passive income tree, but an orchard of “income trees” until money is no longer an issue. Now you can spend the most important hours of your day not building someone else’s vision, but doing what you love with the people you love.
  • A ton more that would make this page way too long!

What you will receive:

5 hours live group coaching every week

Weekly live coaching workshops with Seth and Amazon experts:

  • Weekly advanced step-by-step training on how to find, build, and launch huge-potential products.
  • Weekly tactics for growing your Amazon store and multiplying your passive income streams.
  • Weekly specialized training for Amazon sellers in Europe or selling in countries around the world other than where they live. Extremely tactical.
  • Weekly live Q&A for any questions you have with Amazon sellers making $100K+ per month on Amazon.
  • Weekly specialized training for Aussie sellers or anyone selling on
  • Weekly training for Amazon seller newbies.

112 exclusive training videos

Over 100 videos of step-by-step training for how to start a legal business, find high-selling products, build your product, launch your product on Amazon, and grow your brand into a massive profit-producing machine.

Every video includes step-by-step written material in slideshow format along with English subtitles.

1x1 meeting with an Amazon expert coach

This is an extremely personal, customized, motivational, encouraging, goal-setting session where your coach helps you create an action plan for success and answers any questions you have.

Pro membership only

Four trustworthy suppliers & photos of samples

Using our vast network, we find you up to four trustworthy suppliers who can build your product, take pictures of the product samples directly from their factory, and send these photos to you. We also put you in direct contact with the supplier.

Pro membership only

Beautiful ecommerce website for all your products

Save time and money! You focus on building your business. Our website development team will take care of everything else.

  • You keep full ownership of your website and domain name
  • We set everything up in 10 days
  • Intuitive navigation, user friendly, optimized for SEO ranking
  • Premium plugins and templates make it simple to add your new products, delete products, update prices, and more
  • Comes with full training video tutorials
  • Our development team has built hundreds of professional, SEO-optimized websites

Why do I need a website for my Amazon store?

  • Builds credibility for your brand and in supplier negotiations
  • Often required for trademarking and brand registry
  • Assists in getting ungated in restricted Amazon categories
  • Required for applying for Amazon vendor programs
  • Allows you to create your own email lists, increase your brand loyalty and following, and build your own reviewer network
Pro membership only

Branding and logo for your Amazon and ecommerce stores

Your logo will leave a lasting impression on the mind of your customer. An ugly or inaccurate logo will stick in the consumer’s mind as a brand to steer clear of. We build you a logo that your customer will never forget and leaves the impression you want to make.

Our team does far more than make you a logo. First, you help us gain an understanding of the nature, feel, and architecture of your company and brand. Then, we research deeply and create a meaningful brand statement and logo that tells the world what you are all about. The logo is more than a mark. It's your identity. When people see your logo, it's immediately recognizable.

Don't like it the first time? Our team offers up to two revisions of our work after final delivery.

Amazon seller community

I have never worked with a more motivated, passionate, and intense group of sellers on Amazon on fire to help each other. From graphic artists to photographers to lawyers to expert copywriters, this community is packed with expert advice, plus expert Amazon seller coaches answering questions. No question goes unanswered and answers come fast!

Pro membership only

One year access to AmazeOwl’s Established membership

Get full access to AmazeOwl’s curated database with 1,000's of huge-potential products.

  • 3+ years of tested & tweaked AI algorithms, filtering processes, and 95% data accuracy so you can find huge-profit products to sell on Amazon.
  • Find massive potential products in 11 countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, India, Spain, Japan and Australia
  • Keyword monitoring allowing you to find up to 10 ranking keywords for your product category
  • Exhaustive list of top performing competitors and insights on their selling strategies so you can crush the competition!
  • Full competitor analysis with charts
  • Ranking, photo, and product description history of competitors
  • Market, demand, profit, revenue, and ease of entry analysis for new products
  • Monitor up to 10 ranking keywords for your product niche

12 huge-potential product ideas

A to Z comes with 3 product ideas

Our research team finds 12 massive-potential market niche ideas in the category of your choice. This market niche idea is shared with you only. It includes a list of top performing competitors, global search volume, keyword ideas with search volumes for coming up with product ideas, and monthly revenue potential.

Plus, 7 bonuses! 🙌

Bonus 1

Product research dominance

  • How to find products where no one else is looking
  • How to use PPC to hunt for products no one is selling but shoppers are searching
Bonus 2

Product launch & ranking

  • Scalable launch methods no one else is teaching
  • Amazon compliant and brand-proof
  • Step-by-step for ranking for your keyword in top 5% of search results
Bonus 3

PPC mastery

  • 100+ step-by-step slides
  • 7 how-to videos for building an extremely profitable Amazon ad campaign
  • Strategy to land your product on the first page of search results
  • Achieve low ACoS and increased organic reviews
Bonus 4

Lawyer training for brand protection

  • 72 minute video presentation on how to protect and secure your private label your product
  • How to ward off hijackers
  • How to target your market with trademark selection
Bonus 5

Business mastery

  • How to manage your business assets
  • How to save on taxes legally
  • How to leverage offshore companies
  • How to create a scalable business structure
Bonus 6

Trademark brand expansion

  • 12 step-by-step videos
  • How to choose your trademark
  • How to register your trademark
  • How to bring your brand to life
Bonus 7

Product review strategy

  • How to launch a product that generates high return organic reviews
  • How to run a PPC campaign that encourages more reviews
  • How to mind-blow your customer so they can’t help but give you reviews

Our promise to you 🙏

We will not give you an outdated course.

This is so much more than a course! Ecommerce and Amazon change rapidly. Our how-to videos and training is updated constantly. We also provide 5 hours of live weekly group coaching so that you always know the latest changes and tactics.

We will show you each step.

We do not just send you broad ideas and send you on your way. We show you how to build your business, piece by piece, so that it works for you instead of you working for it.

We will answer your questions.

As soon as you join, you become part of a vibrant community that will fight for your success. Coaches moderate this community and make sure that no question goes unanswered. And the community is more than just tactical questions: the community is like one big family, encouraging you as you go.

We will teach you how to build a legitimate business.

A lot of courses on the market just gives you hacks and tips for getting sales. We show you this and a ton more. We show you how to set up a legitimate legal business and cover important details like taxes, insurance, business structures, offshore companies, and legalities and a ton more.

We will train you to build a high value brand.

We don't just show you how to sell on Amazon. We show you how to build a brand that overtakes the world.

Why would someone who could buy a regular laptop for $1,200 spend $3,500 on a mac computer without second thought?

Why would anyone who could pay just $35 for a regular pair of tennis shoes, drop $150 just because it's Nike? Apple and Nike did not just sell products.

They built brands.

If you build a brand, people will not just buy your product because it's better than the rest, but because they trust your brand. You can enjoy far higher profit margins, have repeat customers, be a recognized brand which opens up massive opportunities, and someday sell it for millions, if you want.

One of our members built his business on Amazon and sold it for over $1,000,000. Another member sold his for over $600,000. Why would someone pay this much for an Amazon store? Because they built brands.

We will do so much more than show you how to build a business on Amazon.

We will train you to be a warrior entrepreneur. Every new entrepreneur quickly discovers that success requires a complete transformation of oneself—not just tactics and strategies for selling a product. Seth’s and the coaches’ coaching combined with the entire community are devoted to helping you expand not just your bank account, but your resilience, creativity, opportunities, and most importantly, your life.

30 day money back, 100% guaranteed, no question asked!

Except for one question: Tell us how we can improve :)

Our long term vision is to train and work with entrepreneurs on fire to build passive income machines on multiple platforms, invest in opportunities, and let others invest in you.

But here’s a fair warning…we only work with people who are teachable and know how to hustle.

If you are convinced you can follow the steps we teach and you want passive income with white-hot intensity,


if you are ready to change your life so you have margin to do the things you love with the people you love, ready to ditch your soul-crushing 9-5 job and start a new new chapter that chases dreams you've put off for way too long...

Click the button above to start today and one of our coaches will set up a meeting with you.

Remember: our prices will go up and very soon!

Don't raincheck your dreams for the perfect timing. It won't come. If your heart is ready to change your life, act now!

Kniep'n it real,


Everything you will receive

Amazon brand-building membership

5 hours weekly live group coaching ($26,000 value)
112 how-to videos ($11,200 value)
3 huge-potential product ideas ($300 value)
1x1 meeting with Amazon expert coach ($150 value)
Amazon seller community ($$$ priceless)
Total: $37,650

5 courses, 1 membership

Course 1: Establish your business and brand ($1,647 value)
Course 2: Master the market ($1,747 value)
Course 3: Manufacture your product ($1,547 value)
Course 4: Launch your brand ($1,647 value)
Course 5: Expand your reach ($1,847 value)
Total: $8,435

7 bonuses

Product research dominance ($2,997 value)
Product launch & ranking ($3,997 value)
PPC mastery ($1,997 value)
Lawyer training for brand protection ($247 value)
Business mastery ($997 value)
Product review strategy ($1,997 value)
Trademark brand expansion ($997 value)
Total: $13,229

With Pro only

Your own beautiful, ready-to-go, ecommerce website ($5,000 value)
Up to 4 suppliers to build your product ($250 value)
Unique logo built for your brand ($100 value)
One year of AmazeOwl Established: find products in 11 countries ($200 value)
9 more huge-potential products ($900 value)
Total: $6,450
Grand total value:


Your investment:

A to Z


One-time payment

Start today



One-time payment

Start today

30-day money-back guarantee