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Create financial freedom to do what you love with the people you love

The Just One Dime Amazon FBA Mastery course is the most comprehensive training in the market. In this training you will be taught and mentored on each stage of building a successful brand on Amazon:

  • Start: how to set up your Amazon seller account and store
  • Find: how to find the best product to sell on Amazon
  • Build: how to create your product offering including finding the right supplier
  • Launch: how to use various Amazon tools to boost sales including PPC advertising
  • Grow: how to expand your brand on social media and other seller platforms
Amazon FBA Mastery


5 full courses

150+ exclusive training videos

500 pages of step-by-step training

Interactive quizzes

Access to everything for life

"I did $500,000 in the last 12 months"

Learn how Crystal applied what she learned from our training to generate $500k at a 40% profit margin in 12 months.

If you’d like us to help you, here is what we do

5 full courses

150+ exclusive training videos

500 pages of step-by-step training

Interactive quizzes

Access to everything for life

Meet Fernando

“You have no idea how many nights I was dancing at 3am in my living room because I was #1 for my product!”

Meet Patrick Cupillari

$16 million in 12 months

Seven layers of support to help you every step of the way

New Amazon seller orientation
Private community group
Help inside the training
Knowledge base "wiki"
24 hour response team email support
Mentor coaches for tackling tough questions
Weekly live trainings: content-driven and Q&A
Just One Dime support staff

We built this so you can build your future.

Tired of the so-called gurus touting flashy Lamborghinis and pretending like selling on Amazon is a get-rich-quick tactic if you know all the “secrets,” Just One Dime set out to build an exclusive membership that actually helps people succeed.

Just One Dime is the only membership that gives you 2-3 hours of live workshops every single week plus 200+ training videos plus 1x1 personal mentorship sessions so that you have everything you need to build a legitimate, sustainable, cash-producing Amazon business.

We show you how to build your Amazon business so that you have margin to do the things you love with the people you love. That’s freedom.

This is not just a course. It’s 5 full courses plus a membership plus more live training and how-to videos than any Amazon coaching program on the planet.

Why Just One Dime?

Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

We live and breath Amazon.

Seth originally built this training out of his own personal Amazon experience, after scaling several stores to multi-millions. Today, Seth and his team have a combined 50+ years of experience selling onAmazon. Every Just One Dime coach is a vetted Amazon seller, required to send in regular screenshots of their seller central account along with profit and loss statements.

Member makes $65.60K in 30 days
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

Amazon flew our leader, Seth Kniep, to their headquarters in Seattle.

When Amazon held a meeting with only 10 Amazon sellers in the US—sellers they trusted—to discuss the future of Amazon for third party sellers and to ask what they could do to improve, our CEO, Seth Kniep, was invited to this meeting.

Seth Kniep visiting Amazon's headquarters
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

To date we have trained 32 of our students into millionaires.

When they started with us, they had not sold a single thing online. Our students are the greatest testimony that what we teach works in the real world.

Crowd of attendees cheering at Ecom 2019
Angela saying she fired her bossMember makes $20,000 in 30 days
Member makes $72,412.27 in 7 daysMember makes $14,600 in 30 days

Meet Julie

“They genuinely want to help you.”
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

We are headquartered in Austin, TX with students in 150+ countries.

Our team cares passionately about helping you find freedom by creating a business that creates consistent cash flow. We have trained over 10,000 Amazon sellers to date.

Map of countries Just One Dime members are located in
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

BMW asked Just One Dime to be a unique carrier of their products on Amazon.

We were humbled by this opportunity. We didn't even try to get inside the door—they came to us because they know we understand how to launch a brand on Amazon and scale it huge.

Seth leading a meeting at Just One Dime headquarters

Meet Natalia Jimenez

“If you’re serious about taking your life to the next level, you must invest in yourself.”
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

We run a full time sourcing team in China.

These are not contractors but salaried staff whose full time responsibility is to find hand-picked suppliers for your business.

China sourcing trip attendees standing in front of statue
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

We consulted for an online Amazon brand for one of the businesses from Shark Tank.

This is one of many examples of massive brands asking us to create their online store and scale it, not to mention a three billion dollar fashion brand who reached out to us for consultation on their Amazon store.

We live what we teach
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

Our CEO, Seth Kniep, has been featured in Yahoo Finance & Chicago weekly.

Seth has been featured in over 30 news publications, some earned, some paid media.

We live what we teach

Meet Kiwi

“I sold my Amazon business for half a million more because of Just One Dime.”
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

Amazon attended Just One Dime's annual Ecom business conference.

Amazon had not spoken at conferences other than their own for over a decade, but when Just One Dime invited them, they didn't just send one representative, but four, and conducted a full on Q&A for Just One Dime attendees only. Thank you, Bryan Fakkema, Jennifer McIver, Crystal Mattison, and Kirsty Carey.

Amazon speaking at Just One Dime's event
Why Just One Dime Check Subtitle

Two countries asked Just One Dime to create customized training for their top business owners.

To get their top companies online and selling profitably and for scale, two different countries scoured the planet to find the best trainers for ecommerce in the world, and they requested Just One Dime.

Two members talking at a Just One Dime event

Meet Dan Rodgers

“They taught me a ton about this business model.”

Warrior, if you are dead serious about building passive income on Amazon so you have freedom to do the things you love with the people you love, we will fight by your side and do everything we can to help you succeed.

Start today
Seth Kniep

Who is Seth Kniep?

Hi, my name is Seth :)

I was stuck in a corporate job with no viewable way out. I hated my life. It put stress on my marriage and impacted how I treated my children.

I did not have the stomach for kissing butts to move up in the corporate world. I was crazy enough to offer innovative ideas to build better products, but I was shut down because I refused to play the politics.

Seth Kniep sitting in his old office feeling discouraged

Even though I worked for the richest company on earth, I was $24,000 in debt. I knew deep in my soul that I was meant for something greater. I wanted to take control of my future and build a life that I loved.

So I set out with a dime with the crazy dream of doubling it 20 times. I got to $400 just for asking random people on the street. I took that $400 and invested it into my first product. I took all those profits and invested in my next product. Within months my dime had grown to over $100,000.

Seth asking a stranger to double his dime

I quickly discovered that selling on Amazon is the fastest path on earth to building passive income, so that even while you sleep, money is still coming in.

I continued to grow my Amazon brands until I was generating over $4.5 million a year at 40-60% profit margins. I made hundreds of mistakes along the way like losing $20,000 because of one uneducated decision. That’s when I realized how much one can lose if you do this the wrong way.

$373,220.03 in 30 days

So I kept going.

Selling on Amazon allowed me to pay off my house, invest in real estate, and travel the world with my family. It also gave me the experience needed to build a training program to show others how to build their own personal Amazon business so they wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

Seth asking a stranger to double his dime

Meet Harks Kohli

“I was able to fire my corporate job.”

Last year, online sales increased by $53 billion. Amazon was responsible for over half of that revenue. There is not a single place on planet earth or in the history of our world that is growing as fast as Amazon.

Every time you buy something from Amazon, you are making someone else rich. Why not get on the receiving end of that cash flow? Imagine a business that makes you money even when you are not working. And then you have freedom to spend time with those you love.

Josiah Kniep teaching at a staff meeting

If you are teachable and know how to hustle, I and my team can teach you how to build wealth. We will show you, step-by-step, how to generate thousands of dollars every day on Amazon.

I and my team of coaches will show you the EXACT steps I took, no matter how little cash or experience you are starting with.

Seth greeting member

Our dedication to you

FBA Mastery was built to help make your dream a reality.
We left nothing out in the training. You receive unending, full on support with all the resources and tools you need to become a massive seller on Amazon.
All you need is teachability and consistency. If your heart is ready for this, hit the button below and let’s see if we can work together.
Start today

Meet Adam Wheatley

“Just One Dime is not just Seth. It’s a whole bunch of experienced coaches.”

How important are the following to you?

My business

My business gives me freedom to spend time with those I love

I work from anywhere I want

I work from anywhere I want

I travel from anywhere I want

I travel anywhere I want

I can buy (almost) anything I want

I can buy (almost) anything I want

I make money even when I'm not working

I make money even when I'm not working

Supporting charities

I have enough wealth to support charities close to my heart


I have time to focus on my hobbies

Controlling my life

My income lets me take control of my life and creatively plan my future

For the longest time, none of these were true for me. I got sick of it. I was done. I threw in the towel on trusting my company to help me succeed and launched on my own.

I had nothing.

Just a dime.

And today I make 7 figures a year.

See what our students have accomplished...

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Member makes $25.39K in 30 days
Glen Buckingham - I am stunned at the level of JOD training I get!
Member makes $4859 in 7 days
Jonathon has learned so much from joining the program
Wayne says he's very grateful for the community
Member makes $95.91K in 30 days
Allan - Best community and coaches in the world!
Allan - Best community and coaches in the world!
Chan makes $10k in 4 months
Charlie - This community makes my fire burn HOTTER!
Member makes $25.01K in less than 30 days
$3,500 in one week!
Brandon - Enjoyed his coaching session
Amy - It was a relief to watch the video step by step
Member makes £10.66K in 30 days
Member makes £10.66K in 30 days
Ele - £59,904.15 in less than a year
Ele - £59,904.15 in less than a year
Andrea - So grateful, first organic review
Andrea - So grateful, first organic review
Member makes $10,000 in 30 days
Member makes $9,884 in 30 days
Member makes £100,020.85 and sells 847 units
Batoul - very impressed with highly organized and user friendly course
Member makes £53,121.77 in 6 months
Brett George makes $134,368.81 in 6 months
Andrew - we are loving this course!
Angee - I fired my boss yesterday!
Eddie - Just One Dime beats 30-40 other programs
Marion - We now have 85 5-star reviews!
Rosalba - this is a wonderful community!
Steve - made $4,700 in a month and listening to Seth saved my ass
Carlo shares his appreciation of the knowledge and support
Brittney gets her listing back to page 1
Adam makes $100K in 10 months
Destiny - the teaching is so thorough in helping you pick a product
Member makes $115,967.67 in 7 days
Member makes $7535 in 30 days
Ahmed is amazed by the quality of the content
Member makes £340,212.19 in 30 days
Kyle says JOD was the best decision our family made
Student makes $10,000 in his first month because of Just One Dime training
Aaron - Thank you Seth for looking after your warriors!
Member makes $13,461.80 in one day
Adam gets his listing back to the first page
Alex - enjoying the course quizzes
Member makes $14.14K in 30 days
Amrit - The course strategies are thoroughly detailed and unique
Jackson makes $12K in 30 days
Brett - I have direction and focus after my coaching session with Allan
Harks - Went from 50 units per day to 750 in one day
Henning - $3500 in the first week
Member makes $88K in 4 months
Member makes $5,143 in 30 days
Member makes $11.87K in 7 days
Ali - trademarked in 9 months
Daniel makes $75,000 in 60 days
Andrew - just received my first shipment
Harold makes $15.5K in 30 days
Harold makes $15.5K in 30 days
Todd - I love all the new content!
Jackson - 400 organic reviews on one product

Our promise to you

We will not give you an outdated course.

This is so much more than five courses! Ecommerce and Amazon change rapidly. Our how-to videos and training are updated constantly. We make sure you always know the latest changes and tactics.

We will teach you how to build a legitimate business.

A lot of courses on the market just give you hacks and tips for getting sales. We show you this and a ton more. We show you how to set up a legitimate legal business and cover important details like taxes, insurance, business structures, offshore companies, legalities and a ton more.

We will train you to build a high value brand.

We don't just show you how to sell on Amazon. We show you how to build a brand that overtakes the world.

Why would someone who could buy a regular laptop for $1,200 spend $3,500 on a Mac computer without a second thought?

Why would anyone who could pay just $35 for a regular pair of tennis shoes, drop $150 just because it's Nike? Apple and Nike did not just sell products.

They built brands.

If you build a brand, people will not just buy your product because it's better than the rest, but because they trust your brand. You can enjoy far higher profit margins, have repeat customers, be a recognized brand which opens up massive opportunities, and someday sell it for millions, if you want.

One of our members built his business on Amazon in 12 months and sold it for over $1,000,000.

Another member sold his for over $600,000 within 8 months. Why would someone pay this much for an Amazon store? Because they built brands.

We will show you each step.

We do not just give you broad ideas and send you on your way. We show you how to build your business, piece by piece, so that it works for you instead of you working for it.

We will do so much more than show you how to build a business on Amazon.

We will train you to be a warrior entrepreneur. Every new entrepreneur quickly discovers that success requires a complete transformation of oneself—not just tactics and strategies for selling a product. Seth’s and the coaches’ training are devoted to helping you expand not just your bank account, but your resilience, creativity, opportunities, and most importantly, your life.

We have a 14-day money back policy. No questions asked.

Except for one question: Tell us how we can improve :)

Our long term vision is to train and work with entrepreneurs on fire to build passive income machines on multiple platforms, invest in opportunities, and let others invest in you.

But here’s a fair warning…we only work with people who are teachable and know how to hustle. If you are convinced you can follow the steps we teach and you want passive income with white-hot intensity,


if you are ready to change your life so you have freedom to do the things you love with the people you love, ready to ditch your soul-crushing 9-5 job and start a new chapter that chases dreams you've put off for way too long...

Join Amazon FBA Mastery today

Start today

We’ve trained 10,000+ Amazon sellers in over 150 countries

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Celeste: I’m so, so grateful for it because I’m someone who needs structure and daily goals.
Ronak: Just One Dime is like Netflix for Amazon sellers.
Eric: The Just One Dime team helped create freedom for me and my wife and kids.
Kevin: One of the best decisions of my life.
David: The Just One Dime team helped create freedom for me and my wife and kids.
Everyone wants to help each other.
Victor: It’s been phenomenal!
Paul: The content is incredible. It’s step-by-step instructions on what to do.
Baba: I joined Just One Dime 1 year ago. And I’m at $16,000 a month.
Sue: I made this in just 2 months!
Lina: He’s willing to spend his time to help you with your problem.
Valerie: I loved the down-to-earth no BS, straight shot information.
Jesse: The Just One Dime network saved me from an expensive mistake.
Scott: I knew Seth before he started selling on Amazon.
Ilya: Just One Dime gave way more than expected.
Ali: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Alessandra: The community is full of so many awesome people.
The value is over-delivered.
Anna: They want to help and they want to give.
Carlos: Things that I’m learning I’m implementing not only in my professional career but [also] with my family.
Christine: This program is so different…I feel like I get more than I pay for.
Heather: My business gives me freedom.
Todd: Invaluable information.
Monique: It would have taken me years to get this information.
Saad: Seth, brother I appreciate everything you have done for me.
Steve: From alcoholism to freedom.
Vasilii: He continues to change the lives of thousands of people.
It’s the integrity and the resources.
Aaron: I love this community of go-getters.
Trying to save money by not [getting training] is a false dichotomy.

What's included in the 5 courses

Establish Your Business and Brand

Learn the foundations of creating a business, the mindset for building passive income, how to manage assets, how to pick the right business structure, how to set up your Amazon store, how to start a brand, how to trademark your brand, and how to set up supplier accounts.

The vast majority of courses out there never touch on these vital foundational principles for building a business that can scale.

Main sections include:

Strategize your brand

Set up your business

Open your Amazon account

Set up your supplier accounts

How to do accounting

What you need to know about taxes

What you need to know about business insurance

Course 1: Establish your business and brand | Just One Dime

Master the Market

We teach you how to evaluate the market, understand market trends versus fads, find high-profit products, discover products shoppers are hunting but no one is selling, differentiate to crush your competition, and how to objectively analyze your research data.

Main sections include:

Listings & terminology

Product research criteria

Product-focused product hunt

Keyword-focused product hunt

US, Europe, Canadian, and Australian-focused product hunt

Other platform-focused product hunt

Evaluate your research data

Differentiate your product

Course 2: Master the market | Just One Dime

Manufacture Your Product

We show you how to make your product stand out from the competition, how to find and negotiate with trustworthy suppliers to build your differentiated product, how to set up shipping and inspections, how to create your Amazon listing, how to get photos for your product, how to set up your shipping settings, and how to get your product shipped to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Main sections include:

Find & negotiate with suppliers

Build your differentiated product

Set up shipping, inspections, & payments

Create your Amazon listing

Ship your product to Amazon

Course 3: Manufacture your product | Just One Dime

Launch Your Brand

We turn you into a master at launching products, generating reviews, and marketing your product via Amazon PPC and other platforms. This is the stage where you laser focus on sales and growth as you introduce your product and brand to the world. You will also learn how to strategize your launch, launch your product, run PPC, use advanced techniques for boosting sales, collect customer info, and begin building your brand and following. This is where you get to show the world why your brand will not go unnoticed.

Main sections include:

Understand the power of a launch

How to do Amazon giveaways

How to create seller sequences

How to generate floods of organic reviews

How to launch with PPC

How to analyze your PPC data

How to improve your listing’s ranking and conversion based on PPC data

How to launch with Facebook ads

Other advanced launch strategies

Course 4: Launch your brand | Just One Dime

Expand Your Reach

We train you to grasp the techniques for optimizing your listings for high conversion, and understanding the power of visibility vs. desirability. Learn how to handle customer returns, customer communication, A to Z claims, credit card chargebacks, customer positive and negative feedback, and get negative feedback removed. This section is all about expanding your reach as you build momentum in the marketplace.

Main sections include:

Optimize your sales

Protect your brand

Deliver amazing customer service

Keep your Amazon account healthy

Expand your brand

How to handle IP infringement authenticity claims

How to handle hijackers and black hat competitors

Course 5: Expand your reach | Just One Dime

Join Amazon FBA Mastery today

We show you every step, from basic to advanced techniques of multi-million dollar sellers.


5 full courses

150+ exclusive training videos

500 pages of step-by-step training

Interactive quizzes

Access to everything for life